What to Look for in a Conference Venue

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue

Man speaking to a crowd at a large conference venue

When you host a conference or trade show, you want to wow your guests. You want to show corporate sponsors and attendees that you not only care about them but also know how to cater the perfect experience. This means comfort, a great keynote speaker, opportunity and space for networking, and a fantastic venue. Though sometimes overlooked during the process, finding the perfect conference venue will do a lot for the overall experience of the attendees.

Find a Place That’s Wired In

Nothing slows an event like a conference venue that cannot handle the bandwidth. Guests at your conference will want to check their emails, swipe through Facebook, and add one another on LinkedIn. Scheduling your conference or tradeshow in a space that’s wired with great wifi and the capacity to handle your guest’s data needs will keep everyone happy.

Make It Accessible

You don’t want your conference venue, no matter how exotic, on an oasis in the desert only accessible by camel. Okay, so we know you wouldn’t do that, but in the eyes of a busy CEO, anything more than one connecting flight can feel like a bumpy-backed camel. You will also want to arrange transportation between the airport or the train station and the venue. This will keep your attendance numbers high.

Think About Your Conference’s Image

You will want your conference venue to reflect your business and the guests. Make sure also that the space has the capacity for branding the event. You will want people to know all about the venue and who is hosting it. Everything the attendees experience will reflect on your event. Make sure that no conflicting or rival conferences has rented out the space right next to yours.

Find the Perfect Staff

The staff at your event matters. Check and double check the number of staff in relation to the number of attendees. You need enough staff for technical issues, dining services, and concierge. You won’t want to leave people waiting simply because your conference venue didn’t have the staff to handle your guests.

Get the Right Price

Be forthright about your budget with the event center. They might be able to work with you or accomodate you, especially if you wish to stage multiple conferences or trade shows in their space. Know exactly how much you are willing to spend. Not every event center will negotiate with you, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Choose Rocky Mount Event Center for Your Next Conference Venue

Rocky Mount Event Center can take care of all your conference’s needs. We have the staff, space, and technology to keep your conference running smoothly. Located in a convenient downtown location, Rocky Mount Event Center will also give your attendees quick access to the best spots for networking and relaxing in all of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Contact us today!