Who’s Booking at the Rocky Mount Event Center?

See Who’s Booking with the Rocky Mount Event Center

If you’re in the North Carolina area, you’ve probably already heard the hype about the new Rocky Mount Event Center. And guess what? The hype is true. The Rocky Mount Event Center is so much more than your average sports facility. And while we love hosting regional basketball and volleyball tournaments, we also love hosting conferences, banquets, celebrations like graduations and weddings, trade shows, and massive concerts. With 165,000 square-feet and enough seating for some 4,000 people, we’re more than well-equipped to handle everything from a superstar stage performance to your next birthday party.

So, is the Rocky Mount Event Center the right place for your next big bash? Let’s take a look at what kinds of organizations and event leaders are already booking with us and enjoying the myriad amenities we offer on-site.

Conference Speakers

Everyone from authors on tour promoting new books to motivational speakers, business leaders, and academics find the Rocky Mount Event Center’s layout perfectly designed to accommodate groups both large and small. Anyone who plans for smaller breakout sessions during their conference, for more intimate instruction or interaction, will find our many meeting spaces well-suited for this exact thing. And with modular rooms, setting the space up for activities or roundtable meetings is easy.

Trade Show Organizers

Trade shows are often large-scale events with a lot of moving parts. Organizers find the sheer size of the Rocky Mount Event Center more than enough for hosting anything from lawn expos to electronics shows, design shows, toy expos, and so much more. If you’re a trade show organizer who’s looking to upgrade your show’s location, why not give us a call at Rocky Mount to learn what we can do for your next event?


The Rocky Mount Event Center isn’t just for large-scale events like conferences and trade shows. No, even families find our facilities perfect for things like weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and other celebrations of life’s milestones. With access to our Adventure Center, which includes a Clip n’ Climb area, indoor ropes course, soft play area for youngsters, and a video arcade, it’s no wonder that families love coming here to celebrate.

Musicians and Performers

Booking agents for musicians and performers love our large space that holds up to 4,000 people. This makes the Rocky Mount Event Center perfect for regional, national, and international acts with fan bases of all sizes. And with concessions and catering all handled in-house, attendees and performers alike will have their cravings met.

So, Is the Rocky Mount Event Center Right For You?

With as much as the Rocky Mount Event Center offers, the question really becomes who isn’t the facility for? So for whatever event you may be planning next, come check out our state-of-the-art offerings. Call today or contact us online for booking information.