Hosting Team Building Activities at Rocky Mount Event Center

Hosting Team Building Activities at Rocky Mount Event Center

Team building activities are an excellent way to build camaraderie and relationships in your staff. A close-knit team means having fun, healthy work relationships in your business. Some of the most popular team building events revolve around physical activity and exercise. Coming to Rocky Mount in Fall 2018, Rocky Mount Event Center will be the premier destination for events, including a wide variety of team building activities. Today, our blog will discuss some team building activities that your company will be able to hold at our state-of-the-art event center.

Team Building Activities

  • Pick-Up Basketball Games – One way to get your staff active and working together is to host a pick-up basketball game between co-workers. Not only will your staff get a great chance to work together, but if your business is office-based, any chance to get active is a great opportunity.
  • Arcade Trip – Fun and friendly competition is a great way to build relationships, and our GameDay Adventure & Arcade is exactly the place to do it. Our video arcade will be the must-visit arcade in Rocky Mount with a large selection of arcade games, gaming machines, and more! Work together to reach the high score or take on your work friends in a fun competition.
  • Board Game Competition – Invite your staff to compete with one another in a board game tournament. You can split the staff into teams or let them play what they want. Fun games like Apples-to-Apples are low-stakes and encourage communication. Pictionary and Scrabble will help foster creativity with your team. Rocky Mount Event Center’s planned meeting rooms will be the perfect size to hold these fun competitions for your team.
  • Potluck – Nothing brings people together like food can. An inexpensive and fun way to get your team to interact with one another is by hosting a potluck. Host a fun food get together at one of our planned corporate meeting rooms and experience the team building joy of sharing a meal.

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Coming in the Fall of 2018, the Rocky Mount Event Center is going to be the must-see destination in North Carolina. The state-of-the-art sports facility and event complex is being designed for sports, music, entertainment, weddings, and so much more. If you are interested in booking an event at Rocky Mount Event Center for your next corporate team building activity, fill out our form here. If you have further questions about our facility, you can call us at 252-210-3432 to learn more!