Why We Are The Right Sports Facility For Your Event

Five Reasons Why Rocky Mount Event Center is The Right Sports Facility For Your Event

Deciding to host a sports event or tournament is only the first step of the process. Aside from finding teams to participate, scheduling the games, and finding officials and volunteers for the event, you also have to find the right facility.

One could argue that finding the right sports facility is the most important decision you’ll make in your planning for your event or tournament. If you live in the North Carolina, specifically in the Rocky Mount area, there will soon be a solution. Projected to open this fall, Rocky Mount Event Center will be the marquee sports facility in the state. Here are five reasons why you should book us for your event or tournament.

  1. Modern Amenities

No athlete or spectator wants to attend an event or tournament at a run-down facility whose amenities have long been outdated. At Rocky Mount Event Center, athletes and guests alike will be met with the best facility in the state. Our facility is a state-of-the-art sports facility, devoted to our athletes while also offering the best amenities for our fans and spectators.

  1. Fan Experience

We want our athletes to be taken care of, but we also want our fans to enjoy their trip to Rocky Mount Event Center like they have never enjoyed a venue before. This facility is designed to handle crowds of all sizes, with over 4,000 seats as well as spacious standing room areas. There are also over 2,000 available parking spaces around the facility. If you combine these things with convenient concession stands and entertainment options like arcades and play areas, you have the best sports facility in North Carolina.

  1. Family Friendly

Rocky Mount Event Center understands how difficult sports events and tournaments can be for families. We not only want to accommodate families, but we want everybody to enjoy their time at our sports facility. For young children, we have play areas and arcades, while also offering ropes courses and climbing options for more adventurous children. Our facility is a unique family experience that goes far beyond a simple sports facility.

  1. Spacious Facilities

During sports tournaments, players and spectators can be subject to long periods of downtime as they wait for their next game or competition. In most facilities, a lack of space makes those times cramped and not enjoyable. That isn’t the case with Rocky Mount Event Center. Our sports facility is over 165,000 square feet, 75,000 of which is devoted to athletics. If you are looking for a perfect space for your sports event, Rocky Mount Event Center is your space.

  1. Heightened Competition

Our space can be converted into 8 basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts as well as including an option for a master event floor for championship rounds. No facility in North Carolina provides athletes with a better space to compete than our facility.

Contact Rocky Mount Event Center For The Best Sports Facility

Finding the right sports facility for your event or tournament can be hard. Coming Fall 2018, Rocky Mount Event Center wants to make it easy. For more information about our facility, give us a call at (252) 210-3432 or book your event today.