Rocky Mount Event Center: Sure Ways to Ensure Event Attendance Part 2

Boost Event Attendance with Rocky Mount Event Center

When you’re trying to boost attendance to a conference or event, it’s important to promote early and often. There are a few easy things you can do to spread the word and make your event a success.

In the first part of this 2-part blog, Rocky Mount Event Center discussed how timing and location can affect event attendance and how rewarding loyal attendees can boost your headcount. In this second half, Rocky Mount Event Center will continue the discussion with pricing and promotions.

Stagger Pricing

One great way to lock in an early headcount to your event is to offer staggered pricing! For example, if you offer “early bird” pricing, people will be quick to snatch up those discounts and secure a ticket. At a certain time closer to the event date, revert those ticket prices back to the original price. You must remember to promote the change! This way any stragglers can secure their ticket at a discounted price, and you can plan for your headcount.

Advertise on Social Media

Advertising on social media is a must if you want to make any headway in promoting your event. Newspaper and radio shout outs just don’t cut it anymore. Create a public event with fun posts and pictures, add any additional information, and post! Be sure to include the time, date and location for your attendees.

Most importantly, don’t forget to post consistently! Regularly update your Facebook subscribers to get them excited for your event. Create a hashtag and link to Twitter, or post cool photos on Instagram. Offer a small sharing contest for a prize, or interview the star of your event. Whatever you do, do it often!

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect place to advertise. In addition to the incredible event space for sports tournaments, concerts, weddings, and conferences, they also offer a full-sized kitchen for banquets and catering purposes. Then, check out the Family Entertainment & Adventure Center with the kiddos.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

When your event is fully planned and all that’s left is the execution, keep promoting! See if your speakers will write blogs about their upcoming sessions, or send out reminders in the mail. Contests and games through social media will get your guests excited about their attendance! If you do all these, you’ll be sure to have a great headcount at your next event with Rocky Mount Event Center.

Rocky Mount Event Center

It would be terrible if your event had low attendance because of poor promotion. Don’t let that happen by putting these suggestions into action! Consider timing and location for the convenience of your guests, reward past and present attendees with discounts and staggered pricing, and promote, promote, promote!

Rocky Mount Event Center is the next event center you need to book. Opening Fall 2018, they’re already accepting reservations! Visit the website today to book your event and learn more about their concessions & catering and the incredible Family Entertainment & Adventure Center! Hurry, it’s filling up fast!