Rocky Mount Event Center: Ways to Ensure Event Attendance

Boost Event Attendance with Rocky Mount Event Center

When planning a wedding, conference, tournament, or business event, you need to be sure people will actually show up. There are a few things you can do to get the word out and promote your event to generate interest. Here are a few sure ways to get people to show up to your event, brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center.

Consider Time of Year

For one-day-only events, you may only need to promote as little as one month ahead of time. This gives people time to plan without forcing them to make a long-term commitment. Holidays are also important to consider with timing.

Of course, its best to avoid booking your event close to the holidays, but if you have to, consider which one it is before you book it. For instance, people may be unwilling to attend your event around major family-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. But less hectic holidays like Valentine’s or the 4th of July would be more doable. This way, attendees can focus on your event and not on everything else going on in their life.

It’s also important to consider timing when booking your event venue. For instance, Rocky Mount Event Center is scheduled to open in Fall 2018. It’s best to call the facility directly for available dates rather than wait and bank on an available time slot early fall. There’s nothing worse than sending save-the-dates for a location that hasn’t been secured yet.

Reward Past Attendees

If you’re planning a recurring event that has already been held in the past, offer incentives and rewards to loyal attendees! Giving loyal customers discounts on admission or automatic insertion into the event raffle makes them feel special and connected to your brand.

Rocky Mount Event Center in North Carolina is a brand new facility that’s accepting pre-booking now! At your event, reward loyal attendees with a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility or cheaper admission on other events held at the facility! Large venues like Rocky Mount Event Center are home to weddings, sports tournaments, concerts and more.

Don’t Forget Location!

For some events, especially annual, nationwide ones, the draw of a new city is enough incentive to attend. Promoting nearby attractions gives your attendees more of a reason to come and your community an opportunity to thrive. Visit local restaurants and attractions and see if you can make a deal on discounts. If they send customers your way, they’ll receive 10% off and vice versa.

Or, if that’s not possible, ask to place promotional flyers or business cards on windows and bulletin boards around the community. Spread the word! Since Rocky Mount Event Center here in North Carolina is having its grand opening in Fall 2018, we are now accepting pre-booking. This is a great chance to promote your event in a brand new facility!

Rocky Mount Event Center

Located in North Carolina, Rocky Mount Event Center is set to open this Fall 2018! A premier destination facility for concerts, weddings, tournaments, and athletes, the center offers customizable rooms and a full-service kitchen to accommodate a wide range of guests. If you’re intrigued and are in need of an event center please book your event with Rocky Mount Event Center today!