Rocky Mount Event Center’s Tips for Corporate Meetings

Rocky Mount Event Center’s Easy Guide to Corporate Meetings

Every detail matters when you plan important meetings with executives, board members, trustees, and the like. The team at Rocky Mount Event Center will help you plan, organize, and cater, so no detail will be overlooked. The Rocky Mount Event Center has been designed to provide the ideal space for conferences, meetings, and corporate retreats. If you’re preparing for a major corporate meeting or conference, let Rocky Mount Event Center make sure every detail meets and exceeds your expectations.

Make an Agenda, and Keep It Simple

Whether it’s a large industry conference or a smaller corporate board meeting, preparing an agenda is key. Your agenda should be clear, clean, and simple. Even for a larger conference with a variety of events and topics, having a clear, straightforward agenda will keep your attendees on time and on task.

If you are a guest invited to the meeting, familiarize yourself with the agenda. Know what to expect, even if you are not part of the organization, so you can be at your best. The better you know the details of the day’s events, the more involved and attentive you can be.

Limit the Number of People Involved

For smaller meetings focused on your organization, limit the number of attendees to those who are truly necessary to accomplishing the organizational goals. This is generally good advice for any kind of meeting, whether it’s an annual meeting of board members, or a weekly departmental meeting in the office. A smaller group of empowered decision makers will be better able to stay on topic, stay focused, and stick to the agenda.

Keep Things On Topic

Whether you’re organizing a meeting or just participating, it’s important to keep things on topic. Too often, even the simplest of meetings become a time sink thanks to people straying from the point.

This can even happen with larger meetings held outside of the office, so it’s important to maintain focus. The agenda will help with this, and if you’re a participant, write out any points you want to bring to the meeting beforehand. If you want to interject or contribute to a discussion, write down points rather than interrupt. This helps keep things on track.

Designate Leaders, Speakers and Guests

Even for a smaller meeting, designating someone to be in charge is a good way to maintain focus. If you’re planning on booking a conference or large meeting at Rocky Mount Event Center later in the year, then designate people to speak in advance. This way they can prepare fully and present their best effort.

If you’re considering a conference, then you’ll want to start inviting any guest speakers now, as they are often booked up for months. If you’re one of the participants in a meeting or smaller conference, respect the decision as to who is in charge at the time. Listen, contribute without interrupting, take notes and be patient.

Make Use of Your Venue

If you’re taking a meeting outside the workplace or planning a larger conference or corporate event, make sure you pick the best venue. Rocky Mount Event Center is fully equipped for your needs, whether it’s a smaller meeting space or providing room for a conference.

Hold Corporate Events at the Rocky Mount Event Center

If you’re looking for a venue to hold a conference or corporate meeting later this year, contact the event center staff at Rocky Mount Event Center. We can also provide spaces for concerts, be your ideal wedding venue, host your tradeshow and much, much more. Find out what we can do for you when you host a corporate event at the center of it all.