Event Center Catering: Customizing Your Menu for the Event

Event Center Catering: Match Your Menu to Your Event

If you’re putting together an event, planning your catering menu will be an important part of the process. Different kinds of events call for different catering menus. You should customize your food and beverage choices based on the type of event you’re having. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we’ll talk about how to do just that.

How Will the Food be Served?

First, you need to consider how you want your food to be served. There are several options, but the most common are buffet-style, seated serving, and cocktail style.

Buffet-style is extremely common for events like weddings. This is an easy way for everyone to get their food. One possible downside of this style of catering is that some people will have to wait in a line.

Seated serving is probably the most convenient option for guests. This is the typical situation where the servers bring all of the courses to the table so the guests don’t have to get up. This is a good option for more high-scale events, or events where guest speakers are giving presentations.

Cocktail hours are mingling events, and the guests will most likely be standing and moving around the room most of the time. This is a good event for hor d’oeuvres, where the servers walk around the room with easy-to-grab food and beverages on trays.

What Kind of Food to Serve?

Now you know how you want your food served, but what kind of food should you serve at the event?

If you’re doing seated serving or buffet style, you have quite a few options. It’s best to only choose two entree options to keep things simple. People will usually expect a fairly filling meal at a nighttime event, so meats, vegetables, pastas, seafoods, and more will be popular options. You can theme your options a bit too. For instance, if you’re having an event in the summer, things like seafood, fruits, salads, and ice cream for dessert would be fitting.

If you’re doing a cocktail hour, you do not want to bog people down with heavy food. Light, easy-to-eat appetizers are going to be your best option. Remember, people need something they can just grab from a tray and quickly eat. Also, it’s good to choose appetizers that aren’t too messy.

Catering at Rocky Mount Event Center

When you choose Rocky Mount Event Center for your event, use our catering service to get the best catering possible! Our chef will work with you to create the perfect menu no matter what type of event you’re having. Rocky Mount Event Center opens in Fall 2018, so contact us today to reserve your future event!