Rocky Mount Event Center: Attracting People to Your Conference

Advice from Rocky Mount Event Center: Drawing People to Your Conference

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect place for you to hold your next big event. Various marketing and promotional tactics will help you get the most people to attend as possible. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we’ll go over some of these tactics.

Pick the Right Venue

Of course, you can’t have a big event without a venue. For a large scale conference, you’ll need meeting rooms, reliable internet, room for the main stage, presentation materials, and much more. Rocky Mount Event Center can more than meet your needs in this respect. We have over 165,000 square feet of event space, along with all the amenities you could possibly need for a conference.

Start Promoting Early

Your foolproof marketing and promoting plan is no good if you don’t get the word out early. You’ll want to start promoting the event months ahead of time. This allows the news to spread and gives people time to plan for your event. Remember, people may have to travel for this conference, so you want to give them the opportunity to book flights, hotels, and whatever else they need to take care of.

Advertise On a Variety of Platforms

Social media will be your biggest friend when you start marketing your event. Reaching out through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram will help you sell out your event. You can even offer promotions to get people to start sharing the event.

Don’t forget about email blasts, either. If you have an email list of potential attendees or, even better, a list of emails from people who have attended your events in the past, make sure you reach out. The more people who hear about your event, the better.

Drive Ticket Sales with Pricing Tactics

If you want to try and sell out early, use a tiered pricing model. Offer “super early bird” and “early bird” discounted tickets when you first release news of the event. Once those tiers are sold out, you can sell the rest at regular price. This is a good way to drive interest and guarantee some sales right away.

Choose Rocky Mount Event Center for Your Next Conference

Rocky Mount Event Center is located in beautiful Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Rocky Mount, North Carolina has a little something for everyone, which means holding your conference at Rocky Mount Event Center will help get people in the door. We open in Fall 2018, so contact us today about booking your future event.