Common Uses for a Concert Venue

Common Reasons You’d Need a Concert Venue

Rocky Mount Event Center is proud to offer a new event space for the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area. Our space can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of events. One of the most exciting uses for our space is as a concert venue. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we’ll talk about some common uses for a concert venue and what you can expect to see when Rocky Mount Event Center opens in Fall 2018.

A Large-Scale Concert

The most obvious use for our concert venue is for a large-scale concert. Boasting over 165,000 square feet of event space, we can more than accommodate national and international acts. Concerts that have extensive lighting setups, intricate sound systems, and large stages will be able to use Rocky Mount Event Center after we open in Fall 2018.

Smaller, More Intimate Shows

Our concert venue space is highly customizable and able to be modified for smaller scale shows. If you’re having a show at our event center but anticipate it being a smaller affair, we can create an event space that will perfectly meet your needs. Plus we have all the same amenities you’d expect from any other show.

Comedy Shows

A big enough comedian can easily sell out an entire concert venue. Rocky Mount Event Center is built to accommodate just about any type of entertainment event. If you’re needing a place to host a comedian or stand-up show in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area, we can offer the ideal event space.

Speakers or Panels

A concert venue can also be used if a speaker or panel of experts are in town. Using our venue space will allow you a big enough stage area for the speakers and plenty of seating for all the attendees.


Our concert venue can even be used to host debates. Something like a national high school competition might need a venue big enough to accomodate a large number of people, and Rocky Mount Event Center can easily do it.

Choose Rocky Mount Event Center as Your Concert Venue

If you’re looking for a concert venue in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area, choose the Rocky Mount Event Center. Of our 165,000 square feet of space, 75,000 is dedicated solely to hosting events. We can host almost any size of event, and our concert venue can hold up to 4,000 people. We can’t wait to open our doors in Fall 2018 and host your next major event. Contact us today for more information about booking us as your concert venue.