Picking an Event Center for Corporate Events

Finding the Right Corporate Event Center

Are you in charge of planning a corporate event? Besides the event itself, the location of your corporate event is an important decision. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck! Rocky Mount Event Center is here with a few helpful questions for you to consider when looking for an event space.

Is There Enough Space at the Event Center?

The most important aspect of finding an event center for your corporate event is determining how much space you need. If you get a space that’s too small, people will be cramped and uncomfortable — and it’s likely that the event will be shut down by the fire marshal. Picking an event center that’s too big for your event will leave people feeling disconnected and make pictures and presentations at the event less impressive. You should have a general idea of how many people will come to your corporate event when you start searching for an event center. If you are afraid of running out of space, we recommend finding a location that can house up to 10% more than your estimated attendance.

Is the Space Conducive to Your Event?

Just because an event center has enough space for the people attending your corporate event doesn’t mean it’s the best space for your needs. For example, if you plan on having several large lectures or presentations, you wouldn’t want to choose a space that just has several smaller meeting areas without one large space. Alternatively, if your event will have people constantly breaking into smaller groups to work together, you’ll need the space and privacy for that, so a large theatre area probably wouldn’t be the best choice. An event center like RMEC has both large and small spaces, making it perfect for corporate events.

Is There Affordable Lodging Nearby?

People are less likely to come to your event if they can’t afford to stay. Affordable lodging is an important aspect of choosing an event center that is easy to overlook. If the closest affordable lodging is hours away from the center, it will make it difficult for many people to attend. Do a bit of research and find nearby hotels to get a median price for lodging to inform your guests. Many event centers have relationships with area hotels and may be able to get your guests a better price on their rooms as well.

Are There Other Amenities in the Area?

Your event may be the main reason your guests are traveling, but they’ll be looking for other things to do when there aren’t sessions. Be sure to choose a center that is in easy access to great food and entertainment so your guests can make the most out of their trip! An hour is typically the most people are willing to drive to find something fun to do while attending an event, so keep this in mind as you plan.