Unique Ideas for Trade Shows

Interesting Trade Show Ideas

At Rocky Mount Event Center, we know how hard companies work at creating interesting and informative trade show booths. You want the booth to stand out and highlight the amazing work the company is doing. Today, we’ve gathered a few tips to help your company’s trade show booth stand out from the rest.

Creating a Unique Trade Show Booth

Make it a Game

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone! In the midst of all the presentations and pamphlets, an opportunity to get active and play a game is a welcome difference at any trade show. Instead of just talking at people who stop by your trade show booth, have them compete against a friend or other attendees.

Now, don’t just have competition for competition’s sake. Any teacher knows that the most effective lessons are ones where people don’t overtly realize they are learning. Spend time — and put together a team to help you, if you can — to create a game or series of games that relate to your company or organization. Use a theme, include facts about the work you do within the game, and utilize technology throughout the activities to educate.  

Create an Immersive Experience

If your company or organization doesn’t quite lend itself to an interactive game, it doesn’t mean that you are unable to create a fun experience. If you want to make a real impact at a trade show, create an immersive experience. If you’ve ever been to a ride at Disney, you have experienced immersion. From the moment you get close to a ride, every aspect of the decor, the music, and even the smells are centered around the theme of the ride. While we don’t expect you to be able to alter the smell of your trade show, working to incorporate the theme in every detail of your booth will reflect the level of professionalism and dedication your company puts in everything it does. Going above and beyond with your booth will impress those who visit.

Don’t Forget Giveaways

People like free things. People who attend trade shows also enjoy free things. Having unique and interesting giveaways at your booth gets your brand into people’s hands. As those people walk around the show, those cool giveaways will attract the attention of more people who will venture to your booth. Before you know it, you will have shown off the latest and greatest work your company is doing to a huge percentage of the people attending the trade show, all because you have cool giveaways!