How To Plan The Best Graduation Party with Rocky Mount Event Center

Planning a Graduation Party at Rocky Mount Event Center

Graduation is one of the most memorable times in your child’s life. What better way to celebrate their success than with a graduation party at Rocky Mount Event Center? While it is true that planning a party can feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, with help from the experts at Rocky Mount Event Center your grad’s party is sure to be a hit.

Buy Graduation Themed Decorations

When decorating for your graduation party, the best way to get people in the mood for your party is decorations. Buy some graduation themed cups or plates, or even a banner to hang up to announce your celebration. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can give your party a theme! Tailor the theme to your grad’s interests and it will be a party to remember.

Put Up Lots Of Photos

Photos are a great way to look back on all those memories from your high school years. Having a few photos placed around your venue is a great way to start a conversation as well as get guests involved in the party. Some of your guests may even be in some of the pictures so it’s a great way to get others involved in your party as well.

Cater A Great Menu

A graduation party isn’t complete without snacks! Make sure to plan a great menu, whether you include just snack foods or a big entree. Catering is a great option if you’re planning on feeding lots of people and needing a lot of food quickly. The Rocky Mount Event Center offers a full kitchen and in-house catering service. Let our team provide a customizable space and an exquisite menu for your grad’s party.

Send The Invitations

If you want your guests to show up, don’t forget to send out the invitations. Paper invites are still very popular as well as Facebook events. It’s important to get the word out if you want people to come, so send those invitations out as soon as you can!

Create A Collaborative Attraction

Something fun to do at your graduation party is to include an interactive activity or attraction. Whether it’s asking your guests to write their favorite memories of you in a book or sign a picture, getting your guests involved in your party is a great way to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Play Some Music

No party is ever complete without music — create a playlist of your favorite party songs and get the party started!

Plan Your Graduation Party At Rocky Mount Event Center

Need a space to host your graduation party? Rocky Mount Event Center is a great location to set up your party. With tons of space and an in-house catering service, all your party needs are taken care of! Call us now at 252-210-3432 to learn more about our event center and what we can do for you!