Unique Events To Hold At Rocky Mount Event Center

The Best Events To Hold At Rocky Mount Event Center

Event centers can hold so much more than your traditional concerts, trade shows, and business meetings. Want to hold an event but not sure if we’re the right place to hold it? Here are some out-of-the-box events we can hold at our Rocky Mount Event Center.

Fan Conferences

Want to share your love of a TV show, book, movie, character, collectible, etc? Hold a fan conference with us! Our venue is 165,000 sq. ft, perfect to hold even the biggest of niche crowds. Hold contests, tabling events, classes, Q&As, and even role-playing events. Big or small, we can fit it all!


Want to start a class but don’t have space for it? We do! The sky’s the limit for the types of classes you can hold. Art classes, pottery, yoga, computer, technology, and so much more! Call us and ask if your class is a good match for Rocky Mount Event Center! We’d love to have you.

Food Tastings

Host your Chili Cook-Off or National Cheese Day celebration with us! Set up tables and booths around the center and have visitors taste test your creations. Perhaps Rocky Mount Event Center’s own catering team may join in on the fun.

Craft Fairs

Handmade gifts are all the rage, so why not hold a craft fair? Craft fairs are a great way to discover handmade work in the area and support local businesses. You can discover all kinds of hidden treasures in your community.

Job Interviews/Castings

Holding bulk job interviews or casting calls? We’ve got the perfect space. We have a collection of meeting rooms for one-on-one interviews and big auditoriums available as a waiting area. Want to keep your guests happy while waiting? Rocky Mount Event Center also caters, and will happily prepare plates of hors-d’oeuvres.

Book Signings/Meet And Greets

Hold your book signings and meet and greets with us! We have plenty of room for large crowds as well as space for a more intimate meet and greet session. Know that you’ll be secure in our event space and that we can cater to any size crowd that shows up.

Book Your Next Event With Us

Big or small, Rocky Mount Event Center can hold any size crowd for any type of event, including concerts! Give us a call at 252-210-3432 and we’ll be glad to give you any information you need. With basketball and volleyball courts, an arcade, a ropes course, a climbing adventure park, and meeting spaces, we have something for every type of crowd! If you are looking for an event center experience as elaborate as you would find in the big city but without the bustle, check out Rocky Mount Event Center.