Rocky Mount Event Center: Wedding Cake Traditions

Rocky Mount Event Center Takes a Look At Some Wedding Cake Traditions

Wedding Cakes have been part of marriage ceremonies since medieval times. Originally, they were made of wheat as a sign of fertility and prosperity. In fact, a once-performed fertility rite required the cake be thrown at the bride. Today’s gorgeous wedding cakes are rarely thrown at anyone, but they do remain a central part of wedding ceremonies around the globe.

Rocky Mount Event Center in downtown Rocky Mount, North Carolina has the ideal space for your wedding. Whether you are having a huge ceremony or an intimate affair, we have the perfect space for you. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center takes a look at some wedding cake traditions.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is a charming tradition that graces most wedding albums. Historically, the bride cut the first piece of wedding cake, but in modern weddings, the tradition includes the bride and groom cutting the cake together. This symbolizes the first activity the bride and groom do as a couple. These days, with multi-tiered cakes and guests often numbering in the hundreds, the bride and groom usually don’t cut the entire cake, rather, they leave that to the caterer.

Saving the Top Tier

Many couples partake in the tradition of saving the top tier of their wedding cake. Once, it was common for the top tier to be eaten at a christening ceremony. In the past, it was not unusual for a christening to be within a year of the wedding. Now, that is not as common, so many couples are more likely to create a cake eating ceremony around their first anniversary. A well-wrapped cake can easily survive a year in the deep freeze without too much damage, as long as it doesn’t have any fresh fruit fillings.

White Wedding Cake

In Victorian times, white icing was a symbol of money and social importance. The fine white sugar needed to create white icing was very expensive, and the lighter the cake the more wealthy the family would appear. The white cake was also a representation of the bride as the main focal point of the wedding. Many brides continue this tradition by creating cakes in the same hue as their dress or bouquet. Wedding cakes can be any color, but many people still use white as the base color beyond the decorations.

Choose Rocky Mount Event Center For Your Wedding

At Rocky Mount Event Center we have plenty of space to host your perfect wedding, no matter how large or small. We also have a caterer to help you create the perfect menu for this special occasion. We open our doors in the fall of 2018, so contact us today about reserving Rocky Mount Event Center for your wedding.