Common Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Rocky Mount Event Center Shares Some Common Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

A trade show show serves many important purposes. It’s a great place to show off your innovative products and services. You can meet face to face with established clients and discover new ones. It’s your time to shine. Trade shows take a lot of time and money to successfully launch, though, so you want to come away knowing you got the most out of your booth. In today’s blog, the experts at Rocky Mount Event Center take a look at some common trade show mistakes to avoid.

A Lackluster Display Booth

First impressions count and your booth is your first impression to customers. Your colors should be bright and vivid, and your message should be clear. Also, there should be some tangible elements. If you have things at your booth that people can actually touch and interact with, then you are creating a memorable experience that separates you from the pack. Also, don’t be afraid to come out from behind the booth. Let the booth enhance you and your company rather than act as a barrier.

Don’t Be a Carnival Barker

Most people don’t like to be forced into conversation. While you don’t want to be completely passive, you also don’t want to force your pitch. You should strive to create a reason for people to come to you. As mentioned above, tangible items that people can interact with work. If you’re giving things away, be creative. A lot of other booths will have keychains and ink pens. Give away things people really want. Also, consider a game. While visitors play, you have some extra time to talk to them.

Put the Right Person in the Booth

How hard is it to smile and hand out business cards?  Not very. But to stand out you need more than that. You need the best individuals to represent your products and services. This is not a job for a temp. You should have someone who can accurately answer questions, engage in meaningful conversation and develop positive relationships. Don’t hesitate to send your best staff. It will be worth it.

Remember to Follow Up

You had a great booth, you had innovative giveaways, and your company’s best representatives on hand. But if you don’t follow up, it’s all for naught. Don’t just tuck those leads into a computer file or a drawer, and don’t wait too long. While they still remember your conversation is the time to nurture great leads into great customers.

A Successful Trade Show at Rocky Mount Event Center

With 165,000 square feet of versatile space and a host of amenities, Rocky Mount is ready for your trade show. We open our doors in the fall of 2018 so contact us today about how we can help make your next trade show an event your customers will remember.