Basketball Tournament Sign Ideas

Fan-made signs are an important part of any basketball tournament. They let the fans communicate with the players, and often provide a bit of comic relief throughout the game. Whether signs are simply made with markers and poster board or they are inspired and elaborate works of art, it’s safe to say that the basketball sign tradition isn’t going away anytime soon. Today, we’ve gathered three classic basketball sign ideas to help give you some inspiration for what to make for the next tournament.

Name Puns

Name puns are a basketball tournament sign staple. Take a look at the team roster to see if any of the players’ names are homonyms or a close match to another word. Think about quotes, chants, and other references that would make a funny sign and see how you can incorporate a player’s — or even a coach’s — name into it to make it personal!

If you just can’t seem to come up with a name pun, broaden your brainstorming to incorporate the team name or mascot to give yourself more options. Just remember to keep the sign from being too harsh or inappropriate. A sign that crosses too far over the line can be grounds for you to be kicked out of the tournament, depending on the rules for the event center.

A Big Ol’ Face

If you’ve watched any college basketball tournaments, chances are high that you’ve seen a face sign in the crowd somewhere. You know the ones we mean — giant cutouts of a person’s head that pop up among the throngs of the crowd. While this sign option will cost a bit more than the others since you’ll have to have it professionally printed, a face cutout will really make a splash at the next basketball tournament you attend. Make one of the star player, of the coach, or of a classic TV show or movie character — just make sure the face illustrates the feeling you want to portray.

Classic Sports Chants

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! If you’re searching for a sign to make for the next basketball tournament, why not go for something tried and true? The letter D and a picket fence is a classic that will probably get a lot of use throughout the tournament. When in doubt, just make a sign showing your love and support for your team!