Sports Tournaments At Rocky Mount Event Center

Why Book Your Tournament With Rocky Mount Event Center?

If you have ever played sports, or even if you are just a fan, you have most likely had fun at a sports tournament. Whether you are on the court or in the stands, sports tournaments are exciting and engaging events. Are you thinking about planning and hosting your own sports tournament? Read on to learn why Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect location.

Plenty of Parking

At Rocky Mount Event Center, players and parents will never have to stress about finding a parking spot. With over 2000 parking spots available just a block away, you know your guests will have plenty of space to park their vehicle no matter the day or time.

Concessions Stand

No need to worry about finding a place to satisfy your half-time snack cravings. Rocky Mount Event Center has a fully stocked concession stand filled with all your classic favorites. Whether you need a light snack or a filling lunch, our concession stand will be open and stocked to meet your hunger needs.

Tournament Space

Are you in need of space to host the ultimate sports tournament? Our facility accommodates up to eight basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts. Rocky Mount Event Center is proud to offer our customers the facilities and resources to host major tournaments and athletic events at regional and national levels.

Our floor plan also gives the option for a 50’ x 94’ championship master floor plan, providing you the opportunity to highlight high-profile match-ups and generate excitement for championship games and finals.

Customizable Courts

There’s not just one way to build your court. With Rocky Mount Event Center, we can customize our floor plan to meet your needs! Need eight basketball courts? We can set it up! Need half basketball and half volleyball courts? We can do that as well! However you want your tournament laid out, we can do it! Need some ideas? Check out our floor plan to see what we have to offer.

Tons Of Seating

Want to highlight a big match, but you aren’t sure how many people will be attending? Our floor plan can seat over 4,000 people in both our bleachers and observation deck. With our exceptional facilities, your fans won’t have to worry about missing a single moment of the action!

Host Your Tournament At Rocky Mount Event Center

Interested in hosting a tournament? Visit Rocky Mount Event Center today! Whether you’re hosting a basketball or volleyball tournament, we have plenty of space for events both big and small. Contact us today for booking information!