Rocky Mount Event Center Helps You Learn What to Look For in a Home Basketball Hoop

Rocky Mount Event Center: What to Look For When Buying a Home Basketball Hoop

At Rocky Mount Event Center, we know basketball. That’s why we are the premier basketball destination for Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas.  But before you take part in a tournament or clinic, you might want to brush up on your basketball skills at home.

Shopping for a home basketball hoop may sound simple enough, but like most products, there’s a wide variety of brands, sizes, and models to consider. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center provides you with some information to think about as you shop for the right home hoop.

The Backboard

Home basketball hoops come in a variety of backboard styles, but if you really want to focus on stepping up your game, you might consider tempered glass. Tempered glass is a toughened form of glass that has been chemically treated to prevent shattering, making it a very safe option for your home hoop. Tempered glass is also superior to plastic backboards, which lack the performance that glass backboards provide. Do you want to replicate collegiate standards? Then a 72’ inch tempered glass backboard might be for you.

Adjustable Height

While you’re out shooting hoops yourself or with your friends, you might want to mimic regulation standards. But if you have little ones who are just learning the sport, they will need better access to the hoop. Having the flexibility to change the height of your basketball hoop means that the entire family can enjoy the game. Some basketball hoops feature an internal mechanism to adjust the height.


Plans and lifestyles change, and you may not always live in the same house. We recommend looking for a system that allows you to transfer your hoop should you move. Some home hoops come with a ground anchor hinge system that can be quickly changed, allowing you to move your hoop to your new home.

Durable Materials

A sturdy home basketball hoop will be made of steel that is coated with at least a few layers of primer and enamel to protect it from the elements. Look for a single piece structure rather than those that are cut or welded. Hardware should also be made of steel.


Of course, you want a safe play area, especially since a basketball hoop is intended for use by kids as well as adults. It’s good to have a model that incorporates an extra bit of space between the pole and the backboard, creating a cushion for kids and adults alike as they practice their skills.

Rocky Mount Event Center is The Place For Basketball.

At Rocky Mount Event Center our sports facility uses over 75,000 square feet of uninterrupted playing space to contain up to eight state-of-the-art courts that are held to the highest standard of quality. Whether it’s a tournament, camp or clinic, Rocky Mount Event Center is your destination for basketball. Contact us today.