What is Sports Tourism? Rocky Mount Event Center Takes a Look

Rocky Mount Event Center: What is Sports Tourism?

If you use the phrase “Sports Tourism,” you might get some quizzical looks. It’s not a phrase that has been around long enough to become well known, but here at Rocky Mount Event Center, we believe it’s on its way. Rocky Mount Event Center is a premier event center for athletes and families. In today’s blog, we answer the question: What exactly is sports tourism anyway?

Sports Tourism Defined

The definition is pretty simple. Sports tourism is any traveling that is done to participate in a sporting event, including being a spectator. As long as the sport (basketball, volleyball or cheer and competitive dance, to name a few) is the primary reason for travel, it’s considered sports tourism. Sports tourism is a fast-growing sector of the global economy.

It’s GREAT For the Economy

Sports tourism generates economic impact through indirect spending into a community. Sports tourism is a rapidly growing activity in the travel and tourism industry. Whether it’s a high school tournament or professional teams going head to head, sporting events bring thousands of people into a given area, and all of those people need to eat and a place to sleep.

Active Participation

Many sports tourists aren’t just traveling to watch events many are also participating. Whether it’s snorkeling, rock climbing, golf or any other sporting pursuit, many sports tourists are not just spectators. Sometimes sports tourism even means traveling to locations when there is no sporting event taking place. Many sports stadiums and facilities have museums or offer tours, allowing fans to get a behind the scenes look at their favorite team or sporting event.

Choose Rocky Mount For Your Next Sports Tourism Destination

The town of Rocky Mount, North Carolina is located approximately one hour outside of Raleigh and is an excellent location if you’re looking to relax and enjoy some beautiful views and some southern charm. Rocky Mount is also home to the Rocky Mount Event Center.

The Rocky Mount Event Center is a world-class event center that can host teams and families from across the nation. Whether you’re here for national championship cheer and dance competitions, or top-flight basketball and volleyball tournaments, Rocky Mount Event Center has something for you.  Need a break from watching volleyball? Check out our Family Fun Zone. Hungry? Check out our concession area. Whatever your need, we are here for you. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center today.