Rocky Mount Event Center Looks at Some Interesting Wedding Facts

Rocky Mount Event Center: Interesting Wedding Facts

Large or small. Elaborate or intimate. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, your perfect wedding location is waiting for you at Rocky Mount Event Center. Also, when you have completed your beautiful ceremony, we have the location for your reception. With our customizable space and excellent food and drink options, we can make planning a breeze.

As you think about your wedding, do you ever wonder where some of the many wedding traditions originated? In today’s blog, we are going to share some interesting facts about weddings.

Wedding Ring Placement

Wedding rings are traditionally placed on the third finger of the left hand. This tradition started with ancient Egyptians who believed there was a vein in that finger that led to the heart. They referred to this as “The vein of love” and began the traditional ring placement that is still widely followed today.

Top Wedding Destination

If you guessed Las Vegas, you guessed correctly. Las Vegas is the top wedding destination with over 100,000 weddings per year.

The Bridal Bouquet

Early Roman brides carried a bunch of herbs, such as garlic and rosemary, under their veils to symbolize fidelity and fertility and to ward off evil. These herbs gave way to the modern bridal bouquet.

Tying the Knot

The phrase “Tying the knot” initially came from ancient Babylonian custom in which threads from the clothes of both the bride and groom were tied in a knot to symbolize the couple’s union. Tying a ceremonial knot at a wedding can still be found across many cultures.

Bachelor Party

The bachelor party was started in fifth-century Sparta where military compatriots would feast and toast one another on the eve of their weddings.


Over 74 percent of first-time brides receive a diamond engagement ring, with the diamond symbolizing pure and eternal love. The Greeks thought diamonds were tears of the gods, and the Romans thought diamonds were splinters from heavenly stars.

Let Rocky Mount Event Center Be Your Perfect Wedding Location

Rocky Mount Event Center is a beautiful, open space for your wedding. We are also the perfect space for your reception. Large or small, we can help make this day all it should be. We can even handle the catering and drink needs so all you have to focus on is each other. Contact us today about your wedding and reception needs.