Volleyball Tryouts – Rocky Mount Event Center

How to Succeed at Volleyball Tryouts – Rocky Mount

If you’re planning on trying out for a volleyball team, this is an article for you. You want to make sure that you show up prepared to do your best. Read our blog to find out what you need to do at the tryouts to impress the coaches and get on the team!

Show Them That You’re Coachable

This is one of the most important things you can do at a volleyball tryout. Coaches aren’t only looking for solid players, they’re looking for someone who is willing to take instruction and learn. Make sure to take constructive criticism well and implement any changes the coaches might suggest.

Make Sure You Know the Drills

Take time to practice the basic drills you’ll be asked to perform at the tryouts. Practice your serve and passing. You’ll impress the coach when you show up ready to play. The worst thing you can do is come unprepared.

Show the Coach You Can Stay Focused

It might be tempting to chat with other people on the volleyball court, but the coach is looking for someone who is able to focus on the game. This is important for a fast-paced, team sport like volleyball. So, keep your focus on the ball and on the coach.

Remember to Always Stay Positive

No matter what happens, make sure to keep a positive attitude. Even in the face of mistakes or criticism, stay focused on doing your best. This will make you stick out to the coach.

Volleyball at Rocky Mount Event Center

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