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Rocky Mount: How to Plan a Family Reunion

Family reunions are big events with tons of food and fun! If you’re planning a get together for your family, make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to have a great event. Read on in today’s blog to find out more!

Recruit Your Family Members to Help

Don’t shoulder all the planning by yourself. It sometimes takes help to pull together a family reunion. Task the best planners from your family to come up with activities, themes and decorations. It’ll be a fun bonding experience for those involved, and it’ll make the process a lot simpler.

Take Time to Build a Budget

Things can get out of hand pretty quickly if you’re not following a budget when planning an event. This is especially true if you’re planning an event for a lot of people. So, sit down with your other planners beforehand and come up with a budget that you can all agree on and stick to.

Make Sure to Plan Fun Activities

You’re likely going to have a wide range of ages at your family reunion, so make sure to plan something for everyone. At Rocky Mount Event Center, we have activities for the whole family. We have a clip and climb wall, an arcade, an aerial ropes course, and a soft play area for the younger family members. Whatever your family’s favorites may be, we’re confident we have an activities package that will suit you!

Make a Plan to Feed Everyone

When you get a big group together, you’d better involve food at some point! There’s nothing that gathers people together quite like food. So, why not plan a big family reunion dinner? At Rocky Mount Event Center, we provide excellent catering services. Give our team a call and talk to them about putting together a crowd pleasing menu!

Choose the Perfect Venue

Choosing a venue that can accommodate a family reunion can be a struggle. Ideally, you’ll have a space that accommodates a big family dinner with fun family activities. Fortunately for you, at Rocky Mount Event Center we have a ton of options! We have a room for every size crowd. Give us a call and let us know the number of guests you’re expecting. We’ll help you find a space to host all your fun family plans!

Celebrate at Rocky Mount Event Center!

If you’re planning a big family reunion, consider hosting it at Rocky Mount Event Center. From rooms for hosting dinners to fun activities for all ages, Rocky Mount Event Center has everything you’ll need to make the gathering a big hit. Contact us today or browse our website to find out more about our offering for group events!