Eco-Friendly Tips for a Green Wedding

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect place for a wedding. Our event center is adaptable and customizable for your big day, with full catering, room for large and small ceremonies, beautiful surroundings, and much more. Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, and one of the most popular ways that couples make their wedding stand out is by making it eco-friendly. How do you plan an eco-friendly wedding? Rocky Mount Event Center’s team offers some tips here.

Handmade Wedding Decorations

Making your own wedding decorations is an effective way of making your wedding eco-friendly, and it’s also a great way to make it personal and memorable. By making your own decorations, you can really craft the look and atmosphere to match your style. Need an example? You can use dyed coffee filters to make your own flower arrangements. Unlike traditional flower arrangements, you can keep these handmade decorations to brighten up your home.

Use Material You Can Recycle

Speaking of making things, you can also specifically design your wedding to use only materials that can be recycled. From the decorations themselves to things like paper plates and cups, you have a long list of options for alternative materials. When you’re planning your wedding, design your look around a theme that matches the different materials you’re using so that you have a cohesive aesthetic for the ceremony.

Encourage Your Guests

Finally, you should also encourage your guests to help in your goal of throwing an eco-friendly wedding. Don’t just think of it as part of the technical planning of the day, make it the overall theme and feel of the ceremony. Design your invitations with the eco-friendly theme in mind, and make sure all of your guests know in advance about the different ways you’re planning to make your wedding a little greener. For example, you can request that your guests donate the wedding flowers to a local hospital once the ceremony is over.

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