Top 5 Skills – Event Planners

Here’s a list of 5 forward-thinking skills that every event professional must possess for true success in the industry. Some come naturally, while others can be developed and fine-tuned over time. Here’s the official list, brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center!

1) Leadership

A successful event planner simultaneously manages people, places, and services. To do this, he or she must step effortlessly into leadership roles to make every event successful. The true test of a great manager is whether they can listen to others. Event planners must listen to the wishes of their clients, the rules of the venue, and the demands of the guests. Because of this, strong leaders are constantly listening and learning for continual self-improvement.

2) Flexibility

Event planners must remain organized because they are constantly multitasking. However, while juggling these important tasks, flexibility is required to manage the unexpected. Keeping one eye out towards the future, successful event planners are mentally prepared to ‘go with the flow’ whenever necessary. This important skill is why planners are always ready to tackle what comes next.

3) Branding

How can an event planner brand your event if they can’t successfully brand themselves? The hard work and attention to detail they put in their personal brand is the same type of dedication you can expect to be poured into your event and all future ones. This ability is a sure sign that your planner is ‘all-in’ during every stage of your big day.

4) Basic Tech Knowledge

While there are often tech people around to set up equipment, sometimes cords won’t connect or systems break down. An event planner must be able to think on their feet to solve the issue at hand. With some knowledge of basic technology, they can easily swoop in and save the day!

5) Resourcefulness

Along the same lines, a successful event planner should be resourceful when a ‘creative fix’ is necessary. When planners are resourceful, they can adapt and apply past experiences to the situation at hand.

This is also important when considering the budget. If one service requires an unexpected overspend, then what else needs to be sacrificed that won’t affect the guest experience? When an event planner possesses the skills necessary to be truly resourceful, they can do anything.

Plan Your Next Event at Rocky Mount Event Center

These special skill sets will lead any budding event planner to industry success. From personal branding to basic tech knowledge, forward-thinking development is sure to reward the best of the best!

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