The 3 Mistakes Your Coach Wishes You Would Stop Making on the Volleyball Court

Volleyball is a game that is all about recovering from mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes on the volleyball court, even professionals. However, the best players learn from those mistakes and improve their game. Nothing drives a coach crazier than a player making the same errors without learning from them. Today, the expert team at Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss the three mistakes your coach wishes you would stop making on the volleyball court.

Mistake #1 – Not Communicating With Your Teammates

Success on the volleyball court comes from clear and complete communication between teammates. Even the best teams struggle to find success when they are not communicating well.

Youth players often have greater difficulty with this aspect of the game. They are often so focused on their fundamentals that they struggle to pay attention to team communication. Whether it’s the blockers not working together to stop a spike or the setter failing to call the ball during a serve-receive, not communicating with teammates can lead to a loss for even the most talented team.

Mistake #2 – Resting Your Hands on Your Knees During Serve-Receive

We get it, you’re gassed and simply trying to catch your breath. When you’re tired your natural reaction is to rest your hands on your knees. This is a habit you have to break. Resting your hands on your knees will prevent you from reacting as quickly to a serve. Effort mistakes like this will frustrate your coach much more than technique mistakes. Break the habit and your game will improve.

Mistake #3 – Not Implementing Coaching to Your Game

Too often, young players will hear their coach’s instructions but not actually make the changes to their game. Nothing will move you from the volleyball court to the bench faster than ignoring your coach. Your coach is there to get the absolute best out of you. They know as much about your game as you do, and they will give you a perspective that is irreplaceable. Take the feedback, make the effort to improve, and you will become a better player.

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