5 Ways to Get Noticed at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a place for you to gain new customers, meet new competition, and network with other businesses. They can be extremely helpful for exposing your business to new and existing markets. But what happens if you aren’t getting as much attention as you thought? In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center lists five ways to help you get noticed at a trade show.


The most important factor that can boost your impressions is the location of your booth. Often, trade shows allow you to pay for your place in the tradeshow. You might have to pay a bit more for a good spot, but you will be able to attract more attention to your business. Having a low-visibility location during a trade show, especially a show that lasts for multiple days, can ruin any potential for new business.

Set Yourself Apart

Trade show booths can be cookie-cutter without the proper design, and if the designs are sub-par, it can even turn away customers. One of the first things you will want to do well before you arrive at the trade show is to have a set booth design. This design should be eye-catching and attract every customer as they walk by. When you have a booth that is different from your competition, potential customers are more likely to remember you!

Get Out from Behind the Booth

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make during a trade show is to remain behind the booth. This limits the number of people you can connect with. It requires that customers and other business approach you, limiting your engagement primarily to the appeal of your booth. When you step out from behind the booth, you become able to greet passersby, engage with nearby booths, and use your personality to your advantage.

Offer a Giveaway People Want

Sometimes at trade shows, businesses will give away things such as pens, notepads, and flash drives; however, many booths give away the same type of item. One thing you could do to set yourself apart from the competition is giving away items that your potential customers want. Do some research before attending the trade show to find a product customers in your field use regularly. 

Incorporate Media

Recently, media has had one of the biggest impacts on business. Whether it is interacting with customers over social media, or making a commercial on the television, media is a significant aspect of all marketing strategies. At your booth, incorporate a short video, or have an interactive display for everyone who stops by your booth. 

Your Next Trade Show at Rocky Mount Event Center

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