All You Need to Know About “A Flood of Love with Bob Goff”

Rocky Mount Event Center is happy to host Bob Goff, New York Times Best Selling Author, for an upcoming event on September 13th, 2019. This author and encourager focuses on motivating others to dream big and follow through with their passions. Through the philanthropic work of Goff and his team, thousands of lives all around the world have been changed for the better. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center wants to highlight some characteristics and accomplishments of Goff and organization. 

Bob Goff

Bob Goff is a man who has changed the lives of many through charitable actions, donations, and a pure desire to help. Before becoming a writer and full-time speaker, Goff was a practicing lawyer for 25 years in Washington. However, he felt a calling to do something more. His writing influenced him to start a non-profit in 2003 known as Restore International (now known as Love Does) to protect human rights, give education to those in need, and give a voice to those who do not have one. 

Goff continuously works in recovering conflict zones and third world countries to help empower people to have a better future. Because of his continuous efforts to serve the Ugandan people, the US Department of State recognizes Goff as an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda.

Previous Books

Bob Goff has written three books: Love Does, followed by Everybody Always, and most recently Live in Grace, Walk in Love. These books have helped him become a New York Times Best Selling Author and spread his powerful message to millions. When a copy of Love Does is purchased, all of the proceeds are donated to support international projects in Uganda, Somalia, Nepal, and India. His books have become so popular that Goff now has Love Does for Kids as well as translations in multiple languages.

Love Does

After publishing the book Love Does, Goff renamed his non-profit to match this amazing book. This organization has been selflessly battling for human rights for children for over 15 years. These children are often in conflict zones and have not been reached by other organizations for help. Love Does now has projects in six countries where you can donate or serve to help support education, safe houses, orphanages, and much more. Every single penny of each dollar donated goes directly into the fund for international programs. Goff and the Love Does organization believe that transparency is essential to the success of the non-profit. That’s why they track where every dollar goes and encourage their donors to ask. 

Don’t Miss This Upcoming Event at Rocky Mount Event Center!

Rocky Mount Event Center is thrilled to welcome Bob Goff to our facility, and we love the message he presents. Goff’s upcoming event will be an educational and heartwarming experience you will not want to miss. To purchase your tickets, view our upcoming event page for “A Flood of Love.” All of the proceeds from the tickets are being donated to hurricane relief. Come out on September 13th, 2019, to donate to an amazing cause and listen to Goff speak and motivate. Contact us today with any questions you might have about this upcoming event!