4 Sports You May Have Not Heard Of

When you think of sporting events, some of the first ones that come to mind are soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. While these sports attract millions of fans and a large amount of publicity, what about the not-so-popular sports? You might not be aware of all of the strange sporting events you can attend in a year. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center looks at some sports that you may have never heard of. 


Quidditch brings the perfect balance between magic and reality. Invented by J.K. Rowling in the famous Harry Potter series, this game for witches and wizards grew a cult-like following as the novels became more of a lifestyle. Although this game is played on flying broomsticks in the books, us Muggles (non-wizards) have adapted a more simplistic gameplay. 

The objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent by scoring goals or catching the Golden Snitch. Players run around on broomsticks, passing a volleyball amongst themselves and through the large-ringed goals. You can even attend the IQA (International Quidditch Association) World Cup 2020 in Richmond, Virginia.


You wouldn’t think that chess and boxing would go together, right? While these two completely different activities have their place in the sports world, they are now combined. Chessboxing was invented in 2003 in Berlin, Germany. This sport consists of alternating rounds of boxing and chess. It requires peak physical fitness partnered with thorough concentration and focus. Chessboxing has become relatively popular throughout Europe in recent years.

Cheese Rolling

This annual competition in Brockworth, England, has taken the United Kingdom by storm. Cheese rolling might sound simple and slow; however, it is one of the more dangerous sports you can participate in! The athletes start at the top of a steep hill in Brockworth and are told to chase the eight-pound cheese roll as it topples down the hill. The courageous participants take off down the hill in an attempt to catch it as it rolls. More often than not, the athletes go head-over-heels as they cannot stop rolling down the hill themselves. The first person to catch the cheese roll wins!

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is just as it sounds. Athletes take an ironing board and an article of clothing to remote, challenging locations, and then they iron when they reach the peak! Thousands of people enjoy this sporting event as they watch the “ironists” climb, hike, and scale dangerous natural obstacles to reach the perfect ironing spot. When they finally reach the top of their obstacle, they place the ironing board on top and proceed to iron their article of clothing. There are even extreme ironing sporting events you can attend! 

Work on Your Game at Rocky Mount Event Center

These not-so-popular sports bring a new outlook on the sports world; however, nothing quite beats the thrill of watching a buzzer-beater in the Rocky Mount Event Center. If you are looking for somewhere to host a sporting event, concert, or conference, Rocky Mount Event Center has you covered. For more information on our fantastic facilities, contact us today. We also have several upcoming events you can attend, so make sure to mark your calendars!