Basketball Drills You Can Do at Home

Basketball takes practice, hand-eye coordination, and athleticism. Without proper practice and training, it will be challenging to hit the hardwood and take on your opponents. But what if you don’t have a basketball hoop at your house or access to an indoor sports facility? Thankfully, this is a sport that can be practiced both on and off the court. Rocky Mount Event Center explains some drills you can do at home in today’s blog.

Ground Shot

The ground shot is the perfect way to focus on form and shot formation. Lie down on your back with your elbows on touching the ground, holding a basketball slightly above your chest. As you lay down, bring the ball up into a shooting formation and focus on the shape of your arms. Make sure your elbow is tucked in close to your side for the proper form. This should be practiced slowly, allowing your body to get used to the muscle memory it takes to shoot a basketball. As you shoot the ball from the ground, watch the ball’s rotation as it spins backward. Practice this drill over and over to work on proper shooting form!

Balance and Reach

Balance is an integral part of basketball. One of the best things you can do to improve your overall game is to practice different balance drills like the Balance and Reach. This drill can easily be performed at home because it does not require any dribbling or fast motions. The goal of this drill is to strengthen your core while also having a heavy focus on maintaining balance on one foot. 

The Balance and Reach drill is performed by standing on one foot, holding a basketball below your waist with your arms fully extended downward. While standing on one leg, you will raise the basketball above your head and then back down below your waist. Do this as many times as you can while maintaining balance.

Low-Bounce Dribbling

Focusing on the fundamentals such as dribbling and ball control should be at the forefront of your mind, whether practicing in an indoor sports facility or at home. This at-home drill will improve your handling skills and your hand-eye coordination. Sit on the edge of a chair with your thighs at a 90° angle. Then, with a basketball, pass the ball underneath your legs to the opposite hand. Practice this between the legs dribble over and over until you don’t need to look at the ball anymore. 

Take Your Skills Inside at Rocky Mount Event Center

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