Rocky Mount Event Center Explains: How to Know If Your Event Was a Success

You spent a lot of time organizing, marketing, and planning your event. You made sure sponsors were in place, everyone registered on time, and attendees were taken care of. How do you measure the success of your event? Rocky Mount Event Center explains.


The surest way to measure the success of your event is through attendance figures. Did more people attend than you expected? Were you amazed at how many people came through the door? If you thought 100 people would arrive and there were 300, you have a smashing success on your hands. Rocky Mount Event Center can host up to 5,000 people surrounding the main event floor of 75,000 square feet.

Revenue Versus Cost

Attendance is a very visual way to gauge the success of your event. However, you need to calculate how much revenue the event took in versus the cost. If your revenue fell a bit short despite excellent attendance, perhaps your ticket prices were too low. If the turnout was too low, maybe your ticket prices were too high. Corporate sponsors certainly help cover the initial costs of your event while keeping prices for tickets (if any) more affordable. Rocky Mount Event Center can help you determine the right ticket pricing so you can optimize your revenue.

Social Media Response

One way to look at the success of your event is through social media. Create a hashtag for the event in addition to social media accounts and posts. The more avenues people have to interact with your social media, the more accurate your social media feedback becomes. Rocky Mount Event Center can help you create hashtags for your event so you can easily see what people are saying. 

Feedback & Surveys

Much like social media, you have many ways to receive feedback about your event. Online registration forms provide a way to input an email address or a mobile number. Feel free to email or text someone to request feedback. A dedicated app with a quick survey makes it extremely easy for attendees to leave comments and suggestions. Not everyone will fill out a survey, so expect responses from 5 to 25 percent of the people you send surveys to.

Sponsor Recognition

Sponsors play a significant role in your event planning and success. Talk to your sponsors immediately after, a few weeks following, and several months after your event. Hopefully, corporate sponsors saw some kind of financial benefit and good public relations by putting their names on your event.

Rocky Mount Event Center: We Host Sports Events & More

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts sports events, concerts, monster trucks, and more. Our arena seats up to 5,000 people. Our Game Day Adventure & Arcade is great for kids and adults of all ages to have fun seven days a week. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center or call (252) 231-3490 to book your sporting event or get more details about our facility.