Drills You Can Do at Home Without a Volleyball Court

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport filled with nifty dives, quick jumps, and powerful spikes. The best college and pro players practice their beloved sport almost daily. You don’t necessarily need a volleyball court to practice if you want to stay in shape at home. Today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center highlights some volleyball drills you can do at home without a volleyball court.

Setting to Yourself

This is probably one of the easiest drills to do, even without a volleyball court. Take a volleyball and stand in place. Gently set the ball upwards with both hands and let the ball come back down to you. Set the ball high or low. If you have a wall to use, practice setting the ball forward and above you. When the ball bounces back, set it again. Challenge yourself and set the ball while sitting down or laying on your back. You’re an expert at this drill when you can quickly change the positioning of your feet in between sets, or you set the ball faster and faster without losing control.

Passing to Yourself

Passing is also a vital skill in volleyball. Assume a passing stance, with your feet spread apart and arms out straight. Pass the ball straight up into the air so it comes straight back down. Keep the ball from hitting the ground as much as possible. To attempt to maintain control over where the ball goes, begin the first several rounds by keeping your feet stationary. Once you improve on this drill, move back and forth and side to side. You’ve mastered this drill when you can pass the ball straight up, turn to face the opposite direction, and hit the ball again. You can train to switch positions with every pass, even without a volleyball court.


Combine both of these volleyball drills into one by alternating between passing and setting. Pass the ball first, then set to yourself, then pass. Once you become better at ball control in this drill, you can change the positioning of your feet.


You might think you need a volleyball court to practice your serve, but that’s not the case. All you need is a wall. Practice your serving motion and let the volleyball fly towards the wall. The wall allows you to retrieve the ball without having to run after it every time. If you find a wall tall enough and you have enough space, mark an 8-foot height on the wall. Stand back a little more than 30 feet from the wall, where you would normally serve the ball from. Try to get your serve above the 8-foot mark on the wall from 30 feet away. This drill is perfect to use against the side of a building or even a sturdy fence without a full-size volleyball court.

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