How Sleep Can Affect Your Results in Sports by Rocky Mount Event Center

Sleep is one of life’s necessities. A whole night’s sleep gets you ready for a day full of alertness, attentiveness, and focus. But, according to a sleep report from the Cleveland Health Clinic, sleep deprivation leads to more severe health problems, like obesity and high blood pressure, for instance. In today’s blog by Rocky Mount Event Center, we highlight the effect sleep has on sports athletes and their performance abilities. 


Illness Prevention


Adequate sleep helps you recover from illness at a quickened pace. As an athlete, your body goes through daily wear-and-tear from injuries, wounds, coming in contact with different player’s bacteria, and travel if your sport requires frequent travel to local and international game events. When your body is at rest, you allow your immune system the time to focus on recovery and fighting infections instead of expending energy and oxygen on physical endurance.  


Essential For Hand-Eye Coordination and Cognitive Processes

Lack of sleep directly correlates to inadequate functioning and delayed cognitive processes. Both your brain and body feel the same without sleep; sluggish and weak. Sports that require a high amount of mental functioning and strategizing like soccer or volleyball suffer since the brain is having trouble anticipating the next step or facilitating accurate hand-eye coordination for fast movements. 


During a circadian rhythm or an eight-hour sleep cycle, memories process from the short-term region of the brain to the long-term. For instance, when an athlete learns a new tactic or game plan, sleep permanently embeds those skill sets into your cortex. Without sleep, those mnemonic pathways are not forming and cannot be maintained. As always, preparation is critical before any significant event. Read more tips from Rocky Mount Event Center on how to prepare and pack for weekend travel tournaments.  


Improved Mood and Focus


A good night’s sleep improves mood and focus. Your ability to react quickly and think lucidly heightens. Your reflexes are acute and sharpened for game day, leaving you energized, elevated, and focused on scoring points instead of sleepiness and fatigue. 


How Lack of Sleep is Detrimental to an Athlete’s Health 


Mentally, lack of sleep impairs cognitive functioning. 


The question remains, how does sleep deprivation transmute to the rest of the body health-wise? 


Sleep deprivation raises medical concerns for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, anxiety, and depression. Although these issues do not surface at once from a lack of sleep here and there, over time, illnesses emerge from compounding health concerns dismissed over the years. For example, even young athletic children require a minimum 8 eight hours of sleep to lower the risk of sports injuries and build muscle strength. 


Game Day at Rocky Mount Event Center 

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