Game Day Arcade Spills On All of the Holiday Family Fun Offered at Rocky Mount Event Center

The Holiday season is a polarizing time of year, and can be either stressful or reflectively spent enjoying those you love most. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your holiday season falls on, experiencing a bonding event during the holidays can be an extremely enjoyable experience. 


Rocky Mount Event Center understands this, which is why our Game Day Arcade is open through the holiday season. In today’s blog we’ll cover some of the highlights your family can experience with us throughout the rest of the year, and beyond!


Ballocity Soft Play Area

Let your little ones dive deep into their imaginations in our Ballocity Soft Play Area. While the adults enjoy a catered meal from our 5-star restaurant-worthy staff, your little ones can jump and play all day. 


Ballocity is soft play, meaning your children are safe to romp around as they please while you focus on the game or your holiday family event. We offer private access to the Game Day Arcade on Game Days and for private events. 


Aerial Ropes Course

Book an event for the entire family for holiday team-building or for a fun private event to keep the kids entertained! Our ropes course at Game Day Arcade with Rocky Mount Event Center is full of fun opportunities to sail through the air unhindered. 


Our safety and compliance-trained ropes instructors will safely handle any individuals utilizing our climbing wall so you can have an accident and worry-free holiday. 


Climbing Area

The climbing walls are for all ages four and up, with the signing of a safety waiver! Independence and fun in adventures are our top priorities, this is why we offer TRUEBLUE auto belay devices to keep all climbers locked safely in.  


Sit back with a glass of wine and catch up with your extended family this holiday season, and leave the little ones to the walls! 


Book The Game Day Arcade This Coming Holiday

We hope to provide your family with a fun holiday experience. If you’re interested in our event-planning service, private event holiday packages, or simply bringing your little ones to the Game Day Arcade during your next traveling game we’re happy to connect with you. Reach out to us online, or give us a call at (252) 231-3490.