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5 Ways to Get Noticed at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a place for you to gain new customers, meet new competition, and network with other businesses. They can be extremely helpful for exposing your business to new and existing markets. But what happens if you aren’t getting as much attention as you thought? In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center lists five […]

Calendar of August 2019

Upcoming Event: National Exposure Tournament

Rocky Mount Event Center hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. From Grammy Award Winning Artists like Pastor Shirley Caesar to national basketball tournaments, Rocky Mount Event Center covers it all! With the summer months upon us, we’re keeping the ball rolling with one of the most anticipated events for both sports fans […]

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Back To Basics: How To Play Basketball

Basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891, initially only having 13 basic rules and two peach baskets. This simple sport has transformed into a multi-billion dollar business played in almost every country in the world. Even with many countries adopting the gameplay, America has the largest influence on the game through the National Basketball […]

Tips for Improved Wall Climbing at Our Clip n Climb

Climbing is an exhilarating activity, and more and more people are taking it up as a hobby. It’s no wonder that climbing gyms keep popping up all over the country. If you’re in Rocky Mount or the surrounding area, you can start climbing, too! Rocky Mount Event Center’s Clip n Climb is the perfect place […]

Host a Birthday Party at RMEC’s Indoor Aerial Adventure

For a kid, it doesn’t get much more exciting than a birthday party. As your kids get just a little bit older, they’ll probably want their birthday parties to be a little more unique. Why not make their birthday wish come true by booking their birthday party at the indoor aerial adventure at Rocky Mount […]

How Participating in Trade Shows Develops Your Business Brand

Attending trade shows can be an invaluable asset to new businesses. Not only can you find new customers, but you can also develop your brand. If you’re looking to develop your brand further, there are a few ways a trade show can do to help you with that. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center […]

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What to Wear to a Concert Venue (and What to Leave at Home)

Going to a concert is a great experience. Everyone loves seeing their favorite artists perform live. However, the experience can be marred a bit if you’re not dressed comfortably for the occasion. If you’ve ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t wear at a concert, Rocky Mount Event Center is here to help. Where and […]

Returning a volleyball

Preparing Your Youth Athlete for a Volleyball Tournament

When your young athlete has a tournament coming up, the excitement can be palpable. They probably can’t wait to get out there and compete to the best of their abilities. So how do you help your young athlete get ready for the big event? There are plenty of ways you can prepare them and today […]