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How to Perfectly Set Up Your Corporate Event Meeting Room

How to Prepare Your Meeting Room for a Corporate Event Preparing a meeting room for a corporate event is much more than simply setting up tables, chairs, and a projector. If you ignore the little details, you may find your meeting participants becoming distracted or unengaged. If you are trying to impress the people attending […]

joystick of an arcade game at the rocky mount adventure center

Events to Host at Our Adventure Center

Adventure Center: Events to Host The Rocky Mount Event Center is equipped to handle even the largest crowds, which means there’s very little we can’t do when it comes to event hosting. From packed-house concerts and large business conferences to rallies, basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments, and more, we can handle it all. And with our […]

How to Get Ready for a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Getting Your Team Ready for a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament When preparing for a 3-on-3 tournament, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure you are ready to bring your team to the championship. Though ability is obviously important, it is also important to not overlook proper preparation. If you are searching for the […]

tradeshow attendees browse booths and network

Tradeshow Booth Success Tips

Tips for Tradeshow Success Event organizers love the Rocky Mount Event Center. With so much space available, and in such state-of-the-art facilities, perhaps it’s no surprise. And because our space is so versatile and accommodating, we’re always seeing new people walk through our doors for all manner of events, including basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments, conferences, […]

Basketball Court Advice: Outdoor vs. Indoor Basketball

Basketball Court Tips: What’s the Difference Between an Indoor and Outdoor Basketball? You’ve probably been to the sporting goods store and spent some time staring at the indoor and outdoor basketballs. What’s the big difference between the two? Can an outdoor basketball work just as well on an indoor basketball court? Will you kill an […]

group of women enjoying one of the best birthday parties at Rocky Mount Event Center

Why the Rocky Mount Event Center is Perfect for Birthday Parties

What Makes Rocky Mount Perfect for Birthday Parties? You’re about to celebrate another birthday, and you really want to kick your next year off right. You don’t want to do the same old thing you always do: dinner and a movie with friends, a long night out, or a camping trip. How can you really […]