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Have Your Next Holiday Team Building Experience at Game Day Arcade, Rocky Mount

Blowing off steam during the holiday season is a great way to build rapport with your team members. Have you considered doing an aerial team-building exercise? Or maybe climbing a rock wall? We have these suggestions and more for you in our blog today with Rocky Mount Event Center. Game Day Arcade is full of […]

Game Day Arcade Spills On All of the Holiday Family Fun Offered at Rocky Mount Event Center

The Holiday season is a polarizing time of year, and can be either stressful or reflectively spent enjoying those you love most. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your holiday season falls on, experiencing a bonding event during the holidays can be an extremely enjoyable experience.    Rocky Mount Event Center understands this, which […]

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Having a Family Reunion With Lots of Kids? Rocky Mount Event Center Has Your Back

Extended family reunion planning is full of bustle, especially around this time of year with holiday after holiday approaching. Our staff at Rocky Mount Event Center understands this, and is happy to help with your event planning for your next reunion! In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how easy it is to plan an event the […]

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Host Your Next Sorority Social With Us at Rocky Mount Event Center

Our team at Rocky Mount Event Center is full of dynamic sports, event, and hospitality experts that share a passion for travel experiences. This is how we are able to provide so many high-quality services to clients from New York to Miami and more! We specialize in large event planning such as weddings, conferences, even […]

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Host Your Trade Show With Us at Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center has a spacious, professional atmosphere, making it the perfect place to host your trade show. Located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, our venue is easy to find, provides plenty of parking, and has what you are looking for to host your event. Let Rocky Mount Event Center show you the benefits […]

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Top Advice For Hosting A Birthday Party In Game Day Arcade, Rocky Mount Event Center

If you have decided to host your birthday party in Game Day Arcade, you are in for a treat. A birthday party here provides an afternoon of fun with little to no effort for you so that you can spend extra time with your birthday child! This blog post by Rocky Mount Event Center will […]

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The Benefits To Playing In An Indoor Sports Facility, Rocky Mount Event Center

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit, healthy, and agile. Kids who participate in recreational or extracurricular activities are likely to excel further in academics and future success than their peers who do not play sports or have a passionate hobby. Practicing your craft is the only way to get better and reach […]


How To Navigate Our Indoor Sports Facility, Rocky Mount Event Center

Welcome to the Rocky Mount Event Center, North Carolina’s largest indoor facility designed for sporting events and entertainment hosting. This 165,000 square foot building leaves a lasting impression from our state-of-the-art designs and modern amenities, located in the heart of downtown. Experience the roar of the crowd during an athletic tournament or the premium vibrations […]

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Top Dietary Tips For On-The-Go Young Athletes

Nutrition is a valuable part of a young athlete’s health and safety. Proper nutrients provide energy, focus, and longevity for the day. Without an acceptable daily intake, high-performance tasks like running, jumping, or any form of athletic exercise would drain our bodies and leave us physically incapable of executing significant tasks.    Children’s bodies are […]

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Workouts That Improve Endurance For Traveling Team Sports Performance

Strength, stamina, and endurance are vital assets to a player’s performance and mental aptitude for young and adult athletes—training conditions the body to withstand high-intensity workouts and cardiovascular grooming for athletic efficiency and more extended play periods. As a sports enthusiast, it is in your best interest to learn as many strategies and strength-building exercise […]

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How to Get Enough Sleep During Weekend Travel Tournaments

One thing is certain, sleep is imperative for a big game and even more critical for weekend travel tournaments. Without sleep, athletes risk severe injury or subpar performance the day of the match. As a parent or coach with adolescents or adult players, you are always on the go. When times are tight things like […]

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How Sleep Can Affect Your Results in Sports by Rocky Mount Event Center

Sleep is one of life’s necessities. A whole night’s sleep gets you ready for a day full of alertness, attentiveness, and focus. But, according to a sleep report from the Cleveland Health Clinic, sleep deprivation leads to more severe health problems, like obesity and high blood pressure, for instance. In today’s blog by Rocky Mount […]