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Pastor Shirley Caesar

Upcoming Event Focus: Easter Celebration with Shirley Caesar

Rocky Mount Event Center is excited to announce the upcoming Easter Celebration featuring American Gospel star and Grammy Award Winner, Shirley Caesar. Free your schedule on April 20th and get your tickets to see one of the greatest live gospel performers of our time. Learn more about the First Lady of Gospel Music in today’s […]

The 3 Mistakes Your Coach Wishes You Would Stop Making on the Volleyball Court

Volleyball is a game that is all about recovering from mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes on the volleyball court, even professionals. However, the best players learn from those mistakes and improve their game. Nothing drives a coach crazier than a player making the same errors without learning from them. Today, the expert team at Rocky Mount […]

How to Improve Your Vision on the Basketball Court

Why do basketball fans like watching NBA stars like Lebron James, Ben Simmons, or Chris Paul? Crisp passes that split defenders to set up easy scoring opportunities are one of the most beautiful things to see. The key to these plays and the common ingredient these players have is excellent court vision. Being able to […]

Why an Offsite Meeting Room Is Preferable for Important Meetings

When you have an important meeting approaching, an offsite meeting room could be the spark you need to get the best out of your team. Nothing is worse for a meeting than monotony. An offsite meeting provides numerous benefits to your team. Learn all the details in today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center. Offsite […]

Quidditch players in action - scoring a goal

Sports Tournaments – Quidditch

How to Start a Quidditch League! Thinking of starting a much-needed quidditch league in your community? Have no fear! From players to fundraising, here’s a step-by-step guide to organizing and overseeing a successful Quidditch league. Brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center. Step 1) Assemble Your Players The first step in your quidditch adventure […]

Young professional holding clipboard and cup of coffee

Top 5 Skills – Event Planners

5 Forward-Thinking Skills Every Event Planner Must Possess Here’s a list of 5 forward-thinking skills that every event professional must possess for true success in the industry. Some come naturally, while others can be developed and fine-tuned over time. Here’s the official list, brought to you by Rocky Mount Event Center! 1) Leadership A successful […]

Talking to an event planner.

The Right Questions to Ask When Booking an Event Center

The Right Questions to Ask When Booking an Event Center Planning an event? Looking for somewhere to hold it? Event centers across the country offer a variety of services and venue options for all kinds of events. Each facility will have different amenities, so there are a few things you should ask to find out […]

A frustrated young man with steam coming out of his ears

Top 5 Event Venue Frustrations

5 Biggest Frustrations of Negotiating with Event Venues Every day, thousands of large-scale event centers are booked for weddings, conventions, concerts and tournaments. When searching for the perfect event venue, clients know exactly what they’re looking for, but sometimes the venues just can’t (or won’t) deliver. Here are the 5 biggest frustrations of negotiating with […]