Basketball Tournament Planning Rocky Mount

Putting together a tournament takes a lot of work and skillful organization. So, we’ve written a Rocky Mount Event Blog detailing some things to keep in mind while you’re planning. Read on to discover our checklist!

Form A Tournament Committee

Of course, the first step is forming a committee. Planning something as complex and big as a tournament is not something you should do alone. There should be a committee chair, secretary, treasurer, etc. Having these specific designations will help keep everything streamlined and organized!

Hire Good Referees

You’ll need to have a group of good referees on hand for the tournament. Vet them thoroughly to ensure they have the proper experience for a tournament. Make sure that you have backup referees in case someone is a no-show.

Plan Out the Format

What kind of tournament do you want this to be? How many teams will you have? These are just some of the questions you need to answer before you start recruiting teams for your tournament.

Order the Awards

You’ll need to have an award for the winners. There are lots of trophy shops that will have trophies you can custom order for events. Make sure to get this taken care of well before the tournament starts so that you have the prizes when you need them.

Get the Word Out

Print flyers to hang up in local businesses, schools and sports facilities. If you want your tournament to be fun, you’ll need a good-sized crowd. Spread the word so that people come and participate!

Book A Rocky Mount Event Center Gym!

Consider booking courts at Rocky Mount Event Center. No matter how big your basketball tournament is going to be, our facility can handle it. We have eight top-notch courts you can utilize. You can rent out one or all of them for your event. Contact us today to learn more!