How to Improve Your Vision on the Basketball Court

Why do basketball fans like watching NBA stars like Lebron James, Ben Simmons, or Chris Paul? Crisp passes that split defenders to set up easy scoring opportunities are one of the most beautiful things to see. The key to these plays and the common ingredient these players have is excellent court vision. Being able to read the basketball court and the spacing of the defenders is a skill that anyone can improve. So what can you do to improve your court vision? Today the team at Rocky Mount Event Center will discuss some drills you can take to the basketball court to improve your court vision.

Start with the Fundamentals

The most important aspect of court vision is becoming comfortable enough with your fundamentals that you can focus on player position, spacing, and movement. Work on head-up dribbling and ball-handling skills until you are comfortable against tight defensive play, even while focusing your eyes on the court and anticipating passing opportunities.

Peripheral Vision and No-Look Passing

Once you are comfortable with the fundamentals, it’s time to train your vision. Grab a basketball and a partner or two. While focusing away from your partners, work on passing to them as they move through your peripherals. Start by peripheral passing to your partner at a fixed spot on the court. Then have your partner move while you try to hit them in stride. Mix it up with different velocities and bounce passes, but always strive for accuracy.

As your court vision improves, you will need a third partner to play defense on your teammate. While looking away, use your peripheral vision to anticipate breaks and opportunities to get off a clean pass. With enough practice, no-look passes will become an automatic part of your repertoire.

Practice Your Vision Off the Basketball Court

Even when you’re not on the court, you still have the opportunity to improve your peripheral vision. Hall of Famer Bill Bradley would famously walk down the sidewalk looking straight ahead, and at the same time he would attempt to identify objects at the edge of his vision. Anyone can recreate this practice in their everyday life. Simply focus your eyes straight ahead and try to decipher objects in your peripherals. Your vision will improve with practice, and these skills will translate directly into better passing on the basketball court.

Visit the Basketball Courts at Rocky Mount Event Center

If you are looking for the perfect place to hone your skills on the basketball court, Rocky Mount Event Center is perfect for you. Our facility features up to eight state-of-the-art basketball courts, and over 75,000 square feet of uninterrupted playing space. We have a passion for basketball, and we believe our courts show it. Visit our facility today at 285 NE Main Street in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.