5 Ways to Get People to Your Next Corporate Event

No matter how much planning you put into your next corporate event, you will likely have trouble meeting attendance goals if you don’t work to differentiate and market your event. To ensure you get people to attend your event, it is crucial that you develop a thorough marketing plan. Today, the Rocky Mount Event Center team gives 5 useful tips to ensure you get the word out about your next corporate event.

#1 – Research Your Audience

To get people to attend your event, you must first understand who your potential audience will be. Are you targeting a certain profession, industry or market? What age range do you expect to be interested in the information you are going to provide? Once you develop ‘personas’ that describe your potential audience you can tailor your marketing message more effectively.

#2 –  Be Smart About Your Social Media Marketing

Once you have narrowed your message to attract specific personas, it is time to get your event out into the public space. Target social media platforms that are relevant to your demographics. Are you looking to find young tech-savvy professionals? Opt for Instagram and Twitter campaigns instead of Facebook. Does your company want to get older professionals interested? Take the time to craft an email or text message lead database or opt for more traditional marketing methods like newspaper or a paper mail campaign.

#3 – Consider Paid Advertising

While you certainly want to invest in organic marketing efforts, paid advertisements can get your message out quickly and effectively. You’ll want to remain strategic in regards to your targeting — but with a strategic campaign, you can get instant results.

#4 – Differentiate Your Brand

The fact is, there are often so many corporate events going on that even the most active entrepreneur couldn’t attend them all. So you’ll need to figure out what makes your event unique and attractive. It is important to create excitement around your event to drive engagement. Whether you achieve this through exciting guest speakers or a unique message, find out what makes your event a must-see and get the word out.

#5 –  Engage All of Your Outreach Channels as the Event Approaches

Just as you would promote a major product launch, it is crucial that you use all of your channels to promote your event. Creating a website helps to establish legitimacy, youtube videos can demonstrate your speakers’ message, your team can reach out to local influencers that they may have connections with to help spread the word. If you want a successful corporate event, you must commit your resources to promote it.

Book Your Corporate Event at Rocky Mount Event Center

Lastly, it is important that you book a location that can maximize your corporate event’s potential. At Rocky Mount Event Center, our banquet rooms can convert to breakout rooms and we have ample parking and easy accessibility. The Rocky Mount Event Center is the ideal location for your event. We even have in-house catering with excellent menus for your guests. Contact our team today at 252-231-3490 to book your corporate event at Rocky Mount Event Center.