Upcoming Basketball Tournaments at Rocky Mount Event Center

Are you missing the excitement of March Madness? Not to worry, Rocky Mount Event Center has plenty of upcoming basketball tournaments to give you your basketball fix. Plus, none of the disappointment of having your bracket busted! It’s a win-win. Today in the Rocky Mount Event Center blog, we’ll highlight some of the upcoming basketball tournaments we’re holding.

Upcoming Basketball Tournaments

Here’s what we have in store for the next few months:

NC AAU Basketball Tournament

The North Carolina Amateur Athletic Union tournament is coming to the Rocky Mount Event Center. The AAU is a highly competitive league for some of the best young basketball talents all across the country. These tournament games are sure to be extremely exciting to watch. If you’re interested in attending the North Carolina AAU tournament, make sure to mark your calendars for April 13. This is a tournament you definitely won’t want to miss. Of course, if you can’t make this one, there are plenty of other tournaments to check out, such as…

NTBA Basketball Tournament

The National Travel Basketball Association, or NTBA, is also hosting a tournament at Rocky Mount Event Center soon. Not only will there be an NTBA tournament starting May 17, but we also have another one starting June 7. This is another competitive youth league where the competition is fierce, and the games are sure to be entertaining. Make sure you don’t miss these tournaments either!

Big Shots Basketball Tournament

Finally, we have the Big Shots Basketball Tournament coming May 25th. Big Shots was designed to give players tons of exposure, so they get noticed by recruiters and college coaches. This means these players are ready to show their skills and give it all they’ve got in these thrilling games. Make sure to clear your schedule for this one!

Come to Rocky Mount Event Center

Make sure to check our event page often to see more of what we have coming up. Here at Rocky Mount Event Center, we host much more than just basketball tournaments. We have sports tournaments of all kinds, concerts, events, and much more. If you’re looking to book an event here, we can help with that too! We do sports tournaments, weddings, graduations, trade shows, conferences, and so much more. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center today for more information. We’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have!