Do Team Building Activities Work?

You have probably been through some team building activities at least once throughout your work career, and if you haven’t, you must have when you were younger. Do you remember the team building activity being beneficial in any way? Or were you counting down the minutes until they were done? 

Depending on how the activity was run and if it was tailored to your group will have a significant effect on your takeaway. This Rocky Mount Event Center blog addresses what aspects team building activities can improve when they are run effectively. 


Communication is one of the most important elements in a workplace setting. Whether you are collaborating with a team or working with a completely separate company, having effective communication skills is vital. Team building activities necessitate communication and trust in order to succeed. If you don’t communicate well during a team building activity, the task at hand will become more challenging to complete. Make sure to let all teammates voice their opinions or ideas to improve your strategy and tackle the problem head on!


When a team building activity is performed correctly, it will improve your problem-solving skills. During the exercise, you will be able to identify the problems very quickly. These problems are not always because of the task you are trying to accomplish — they could be internal problems your team is causing. Working through these problems together will build collaboration and problem-solving skills you will be able to take back to the office or sports field!

Building Relationships

When you are at work, you may rarely collaborate with everyone in your department, let alone your entire office! Team building activities allow you to build a team with employees from all departments. Building these cross-department relationships will improve the company’s overall communication. Take advantage of these team building activities and use them to create a more unified work environment.


One of the biggest factors team building activities is trusting your team to complete the task at hand. Depending on others to help you achieve your job builds up all of the factors listed above. In almost all team building activities, one portion of the task cannot be completed without another teammate finishing their part. Learn how to depend on one another and you won’t have to carry the burden for your whole team. 

Corporate Team Building Activities at Rocky Mount Event Center

Team building activities work when they are executed correctly, and they can bring about newfound motivation to the office. Whether you work in a corporate world, for a small business, or are on a sports team, you can benefit from this form of team building. Rocky Mount Event Center offers several options for these programs that are sure to improve your work environment. Visit our website today to learn more or contact us with any questions!