5 Fun Things to Do in Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is full of fun attractions, beautiful scenery, and intense sporting events. This city of 55,000 people, about an hour east of Raleigh, brings visitors from across the country. The tourism boost can be attributed to the Rocky Mount Event Center, along with other fun family activities. If you are visiting Rocky Mount, we want you to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. In today’s blog, Rocky Mount Event Center lists five fun things to do in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. 

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Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center

The Children’s Museum and Science Center is perfect for a fun-filled day of hands-on learning. Opened in 1954, the Museum and Science Center was built for visitors and tourists to interact with their environment. These interactive exhibits allow your child or grandchild to learn while also staying engaged. New shows are always being added, so make sure to keep visiting to stay up-to-date on the latest additions. 

The Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences

The Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center is just one of many features inside the Imperial Centre for Arts & Sciences. This large facility offers special exhibits, programs, workshops, and even opportunities to be an artist yourself. The Imperial Centre boasts a community theatre that has been a Rocky Mount staple for over 50 years!

The Rocky Mount Mills

Rocky Mount is perfect for a relaxing afternoon as you lounge and drink local beer. Rocky Mount Mills was the first brewery to open in Rocky Mount, attracting customers from across North Carolina. The Mills has a wide variety of brewers, restaurants, live music, tiny homes, and more, ready to satisfy your beer and food cravings all in one location. Open seven days a week, make sure to check out good beer, live music, and food at the Rocky Mount Mills!

Battle Park

Battle Park is the perfect escape from the city! This quiet park has walking trails, lakes, and historical monuments throughout that show some of the history of Rocky Mount. Battle Park is perfect for the whole family as you continue to discover new features each time you visit. While you are there, you won’t want to miss the Tar River Dam waterfall!

Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center is the perfect place if you want entertaining events, exciting athletics, or a place to host your party or gathering. Inside of our massive facility, we have the Game Day Adventures and Arcade, which includes a climbing area, aerial ropes course, redemption arcade, and more. Rocky Mount Event Center also hosts some of the east coast’s largest sporting events!

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Catch Your Favorite Events in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Rocky Mount, North Carolina, has many amenities and activities to choose from. Rocky Mount Event Center hosts a variety of sporting events, concerts, weddings, and much more. Before you spend your free days in a hotel, take a tour of Rocky Mount and try some of these fun things to do while you are here. For more on the Rocky Mount Event Center, contact us today!