The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Planning

Event planning can be a daunting task if you are not prepared, adding unwanted stress to your already hectic schedule. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together to throw the perfect party, conference, or show, making it challenging to remember everything. However, even with all of these hoops to jump through, planning the perfect upcoming event is not impossible! The staff at Rocky Mount Event Center are professional event planners and want to let you in on some of their advice. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts of event planning.

Event Planning Do’s

Make a Timeline

A timeline is a crucial part of the event planning process. Before you purchase anything for the upcoming event, set the objectives and goals that you need to meet during the planning process. Even if this timeline doesn’t have specific dates in the beginning stages, you need to have an idea of the order of the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Stick to Your Budget

Your budget will be your best friend throughout the planning process. Make a list of all the necessary purchases for the event, and then determine where you need to allocate money. For example, the space you rent to hold your event will most likely require more of your budget than food or giveaways. 

Ask for Help

Running a large scale event is difficult, even for an event planner with years of experience. Ask for help during the planning process, and assign specific jobs to each person on your team. This will lighten your workload, and, more importantly, help ensure your event is a success. 

Event Planning Don’ts

Make Quick Decisions

Making a quick decision during the event planning process can cause more problems than you might imagine. These snap decisions often go against your budgeting plan, throw off your timeline, and can even affect the outcome of the event! Make sure to take your time for each decision, and always consider the big picture!

Wait Until the Last Minute

Waiting until the last minute to plan an event brings nothing but trouble. Manage your schedule appropriately with milestones to accomplish throughout the event planning process. If you wait until the last minute to book a caterer, send out invitations, or settle on a venue, the upcoming event date is at risk!

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