Drills You Can Do at Home Without a Basketball Court

Rocky Mount Event Center prides itself on top-notch basketball courts and hosting fantastic basketball tournaments. Some of our events showcase the best talent in the region! How do players get so good at basketball? With practice. In today’s blog from Rocky Mount Event Center, we showcase drills you can do at home without a basketball court.

One-Ball Dribbling

Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Don’t move your legs. Bend at the hips and knees a bit, and then dribble the basketball back and forth from your right hand to your left. The ball should hit on the same spot on the ground with each dribble. Try to keep your eyes up, as if you were reading the court during a real game. Increase your speed as you get more comfortable doing this drill without a basketball court.

Two-Ball Dribbling

We call this drill the windshield wipers because it looks like the motion of windshield wipers on a car. Dribble two balls simultaneously, one with each hand. Then, begin moving from side to side — one step to the left, then one step to the right. Continue dribbling a ball with each hand as you move. Go faster as you get more comfortable, and push the ball down as hard as you can. Don’t try this drill in your car, but you certainly can do this at home without a basketball court!

Between the Legs Dribbling

You probably see this drill at college and NBA games. Walk slowly forward with a wide stride, as if you’re taking a giant step forward. As you do, dribble the ball between your legs and catch it with your other hand. Take the next step, and then dribble the ball back to your previous hand. Go faster and take narrower steps as you proceed. You don’t need a basketball court, but a good driveway or sidewalk does well for this drill.

Wall Shots

For this drill, you need a solid wall that’s at least 12 feet tall, like the side of a two-story brick building. Practice your jump shot as you normally do, shooting the ball towards a particular spot on the wall. 

Once you’ve practiced your jump shot, get close to the wall and raise the ball above your head. Rapidly toss the ball at the wall and tip it back with your shooting hand. Switch to your non-shooting hand to strengthen your opposite side. This helps to build dexterity and rebounding ability.

Basketball Courts at Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount Event Center has some of the best basketball courts in North Carolina. We also host premier regional tournaments that showcase top talent. Contact Rocky Mount Event Center or call (252) 231-3490 for more information about our facility.