Wedding Show Tips to Plan Your Big Day

With so many details and moving parts, planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. Attending a wedding show can alleviate many of these stresses by being in the room with vendors from all of the services you’re likely to need.

Wedding shows themselves can be a lot to process as well, and if you go into them cold or without a game plan, it can be hard to feel like much was accomplished. 

But a wedding show should be a load of fun. Follow this strategy from our wedding show experts, and the connections you make in a few short hours will alleviate the stress of planning your entire wedding and reception. 

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1. Bring Back Up! Invite Your Partner or a Friend

A wedding show is a fun event, best enjoyed with your partner, family member, or friend. You want somebody to confirm your cake biases. They tend to fill up fast, so it’s typically better not to bring an entire bridal party. And though wedding shows have a reputation for being pretty bride-specific, they have become far more inclusive.

2. Strategize

Depending on the scale and length of the show, you may need to prioritize how much time you spend with different types of vendors. Though everybody should stop to smell the roses, you might not prioritize a florist if you already know who is providing your floral arrangements. 

Most wedding shows will provide a list of participating vendors and their service categories on the event website. You can use this information to dig a little deeper before the show to create a short list of targets.

But even a quick conversation in the car can be helpful to at least determine priorities on the drive over. 

3. Budget In Mind

Entering the arena with an idea of how much you have to spend in total and per service will help you track down the right vendors for your budget. Bear in mind that it can be expensive for many vendors to rent a space and run a booth, so there tend to be fewer vendors for smaller budgets, especially in one-person industries (officiants, photographers, etc.).

4. Eat a Big Breakfast

You know what they say! Never go to a wedding shower on an empty stomach. Some catering companies may bring small-cup samples, and some events may have concessions stands, but don’t plan on filling up at the event. Load up early to avoid hunger or calorie-influenced mood swings.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your goal for 10,000 steps a day is pretty much certain during a wedding show. Comfort rules.

6. Free Your Mind

Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or something more outside the box, wedding shows feature new trends, ideas, and

7. Taste the Cake (Every. Single. Piece.)

It’s called research, and it’s very important.

8. Enter to Win

Many vendors will have drawings and giveaways for attendees to win deep discounts or free services. Put your name in every bucket and acrylic container on the property. 

9. Talk It Up & Take Notes

The show is an opportunity to meet and talk directly with people who could play a part in your wedding. Ask questions and share ideas to see if their style of work coincides with your vision. Take business cards, and make notes of the vendors you especially connect, to remind yourself who you should follow up with first.

10. Follow Up

Top vendors tend to book up quickly following a big wedding show. Try to connect with your favorite targets soon after to confirm your date. Some might even offer specials to book on-site at the show. 

11. Enjoy!

This should probably be No. 1 on the list. Remember: You’re planning a joyful celebration, so prepare with joy. Go at your own pace and don’t forget to breathe.

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Weddings at Rocky Mount Event Center

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