Finding the Best Seats for a Concert

Concerts are some of the most fun events to attend. The loud music and dancing will turn any night into a blast! When you are at the concert venue or are looking at purchasing tickets, it’s important to get the tickets in the best location. But where are the ideal seats at a concert venue? Rocky Mount Event Center wants to give you a few things to consider before purchasing tickets to your next concert.

Research the Concert Venue

Start by getting familiar with the concert venue. Having a good idea of where the stage is, how high up the nose-bleed seats are, and if you’ll be able to see from your seats is in your best interest. At some concert venues, there are obstructions such as hanging speakers or set design features that can block your view of the stage. At large concert venues, you can see what it would look like from that specific section. A beneficial tool for finding the best concert seats is being able to know what you would see from your seat!

Discover Your Preference

The best seats at a concert are often up to personal preference. Being front row might be the perfect place for you; however, another person attending the show might look forward to the luxury of sitting in a reserved seat between sets. The center section is the quickest section to fill up because it has a direct view of the band or artist. Before purchasing your tickets, look at all the sections of the concert venue since tickets could be cheaper in other sections!

Pit Tickets

The most lively area of any concert venue is in the pit. The pit is comprised of general admission tickets where people will spend hours camping outside to see the show in the front row, hopefully. These tickets can bring the best view of the band if you make it into the venue fast enough! However, with pit tickets, you have the risk of getting stuck behind someone much taller than you, making seeing the concert a challenge. If you are willing to wait in line and not have a predetermined seat, the pit is perfect for you!

Purchase Tickets in Groups

A great way to get tickets with a view and have the best seats in the house is to attend the concert with a group of friends. Groups make a show even more enjoyable, and you don’t have to worry about bumping into strangers while you dance! If you want to attend the concert with multiple people, it is crucial to buy your tickets early. Rows of seats often get separated as the show starts approaching, so to sit with your friends, either purchase general admission tickets or buy them way in advance.

The Perfect Concert Venue at Rocky Mount Event Center

Concerts at the Rocky Mount Event Center are something to look forward to. Our awesome facility makes for a great concert venue, conference center, or trade show destination. Rocky Mount Event Center offers 150,000 square feet of space that will make any performance one to remember. Interested in attending a concert in Rocky Mount? Visit our website to learn more about our concert and entertainment opportunities, and check out our upcoming events!