Basketball Shooting Drills That Can Improve Your Game

Everyone wants an edge when they step on the basketball court. But there’s no secret to becoming a better player. Practice makes perfect is an old adage, but there’s a lot of truth to it. This is especially the case when it comes to improving your shooting skills.

A good routine will ensure that your shot will slowly but steadily improve and become more consistent. Rocky Mount Event Center breaks down some basketball team shooting drills to help you be better players on the basketball court.

1. Form Shooting Drill

The focus of this drill is to help basketball players build up a good shooting form. Players start out near the hoop, in different spots around the rim. They make 5-10 shots in each position. The focus is not on the number of made baskets but on the correct execution of shooting mechanics.

2. Free Throw Drills

This is a simple but effective drill to improve your free throw shooting. In this drill, the player should take 10 free throws, rest for a minute, and then repeat the cycle. This drill helps players improve their focus and build muscle memory for high-pressure situations during a game.

3. Three-Point Shooting Drill

The goal is to make as many three-pointers as possible in a specific timeframe or from specific locations. Players usually start in one corner and make their way around the arc. This drill not only helps improve long-range shooting, but also the player’s endurance.

4. The Mikan Drill

This drill improves a player’s ability to make layups with both hands. It’s named after George Mikan, one of the NBA’s pioneers. In this drill, the player starts under the hoop, makes a layup, grabs the rebound while in the air, and then performs a layup on the other side. The aim is to make as many layups as possible in a certain timeframe.

5. Spot Shooting Drill

The player will select five spots on the court and shoot 10-20 shots from each spot. Typically, the five spots should include both wings, both corners and the top of the key. This drill helps the player work on their mid-range and three-point shooting from different spots on the floor. This mimics game situations where the player would have to be versatile in their shooting positions.

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