Competitions & tournaments

at Rocky Mount Event Center

The Rocky Mount Event Center is designed to host a variety of tournaments, leagues, and clinics for a number of court-specific sports, including volleyball and basketball. We want your tournament or league to be a memorable one, for both your athletes and the fans, which is why this facility specifically designed to accommodate the highest-level athletes and championship-level competition. And we want you to be in on the action.


If you want to host the best athletes, you have to create the best facility and at Rocky Mount Event Center, that is exactly what we’ve done. Our facility accommodates up to eight basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts, giving events rights holders the opportunity to host large tournaments and events at both the regional and national level at Rocky Mount Event Center.

The floor plans also give the option for a 50’ x 94’ championship master floor plan, providing you the opportunity to highlight high-profile match-ups and generate excitement for championship games and finals. This floor plan can seat over 4,000 people, both in our bleachers and on our observation deck.


At Rocky Mount Event Center, we offer nothing short of the best in athletic facilities. Whether you are a player or a spectator, your experience at our event center will be second to none. Your passion for sports is matched by the center’s dedicated and detail-focused staff and administrators who constantly strive to make your event or experience one to be remembered. They also help to take away the administrative burden that can come with running a tournament or clinic.

With the help of our staff, Rocky Mount is the perfect venue for your basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, or cheer and dance competition. Our facility provides your athletes with the best accommodations, from the quality of our playing surface to the quality of our locker rooms. Your athletes won’t leave Rocky Mount Event Center disappointed.


If you are looking for somewhere to host your next tournament or competition, look no further than the Rocky Mount Event Center. Our facility is conveniently located right in the heart of Rocky Mount’s vibrant and beautiful downtown district. With ample parking and close proximity to other downtown restaurants and attractions, the Rocky Mount facility is the perfect venue for your tournament, competition, or clinic. Contact us for more information or to book an event today.