Wedding Venue: Spring Decor Ideas

4 Spring Decor Ideas for Your Wedding Venue

Spring flowers being made for a wedding venue

Nothing symbolizes starting a new, beautiful life quite like the spring season. The sun returns, and flowers open petals to its gaze. Everything turns green, the snow melting away, and most of us want to be outdoors, want to put our best selves forward, and want to truly start our new lives. All these factors and more make spring a beautiful season for getting married. And what is a spring ceremony without some beautiful spring decor at your wedding venue? Continue reading below to discover 4 beautiful decor ideas for your spring wedding.

Natural Ceremony & Indoor Wedding Venue

What says spring more than the blooming nature all around us? If you want to experience a beautiful spring ceremony, look no further than the great outdoors. Say your vows and slip on your rings under the flowering trees. Then head on over to the nicest event center in Rocky Mount and let us take care of the all the real work. Choose the food, drinks, and space perfect for your family and friends. All you have to do is sit back and relax or dance the night away.

Watering Can Planters

It doesn’t matter if your wedding venue is indoors or outdoors, flowers are the MVPs of wedding decor. Springtime brings the most vibrant colors and the prettiest arrangements. But not everyone knows the best way to present these flowers. Watering cans provide a beautiful, rustic look. Watering cans are the essence of regrowth and nourishment. Plus, they look super cute as planters! Find some old tin cans, paint them in your favorite, spring colors, fill them with water, and arrange your bouquets inside. Your friends and family will find them adorable.

Plant Table Numbers

Why have simple, boring table numbers when you could use table numbers to showcase the beauty spring has to offer? Try setting table numbers in potted plants. Choose some spring flowers (maybe daffodils, buttercups, or tulips) to set out on the reception tables at your wedding venue. Insert numbers you’ve made yourself or had an artistic friend make. These can be anything from wood-carved numbers to flags of paper with calligraphy. It’s up to you!

Fruit Stand Snacks

Want healthy snacks for your guests? Try making a fruit stand as a snack table. Bring the joy of a springtime farmer’s market to your wedding with thrift store crates or wooden baskets. Choose in-season fruits for the tastiest and healthiest treats at your wedding venue.

Get Your Wedding on at Rocky Mount Event Center

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