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What’s It Like Working at an Event Center?

What’s It Like Working at an Event Center? Rocky Mount Event Center is a new, active, and exciting event center in Rocky Mount, NC. Rocky Mount was opened with a unique vision to make a real impact on the area through events, youth sports, live shows and much more. We offer more than a few […]

Young dancers lined up for judging at a competition

Competitive Dance – Judge Expectations

What Do Judges Look For at Dance Competitions? To stay prepared for your next dance competition, it’s important to brush up on the many elements you’ll be evaluated on. While there are many more factors that contribute to a judge’s final decision, here’s a summarized list of what you can expect from most judges. Brought […]

Rows of parked cars

Parking Etiquette at an Event Center

Common Courtesy: Parking Etiquette at an Event Center Parking lot rage can affect the best of us. Common in congested areas and during rush hours, frustrations run high as more and more drivers pour onto the streets and fail to follow parking etiquette. In large event center parking lots, there can be hundreds of cars […]

A woman on her friend’s shoulders at a concert

Don’t Bring These 5 Items to Your Next Concert

It’s the day of your concert! Soon, you’ll start getting ready for a night of good music with great friends. Before you head out the door, there are a few items you should reconsider bringing. From harmful weapons to bulky bags, some items are better left at home.    Here’s a quick list of items […]

Four female volleyball players holding up a trophy

Volleyball – Rocky Mount Event Center

Rocky Mount: What You Can Learn From Playing Volleyball Not only are sports great for your physical health, but they also teach you a multitude of life lessons. Being a part of a sports team makes you a more well-rounded individual. Read our Rocky Mount Event Center blog to discover some ways in which playing […]

Basketball sitting on a basketball court

Basketball Tournament – Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount: Planning a Successful Basketball Tournament Putting together a tournament takes a lot of work and skillful organization. So, we’ve written a Rocky Mount Event Blog detailing some things to keep in mind while you’re planning. Read on to discover our checklist! Form A Tournament Committee Of course, the first step is forming a […]

Little Boy climbing with Clip N’ Climb

How Clip N’ Climb Fosters a Love of Climbing

Get Your Kids Interested in Rock Climbing with Clip N’ Climb Rock climbing and wall climbing have spiked in popularity over the past decade, in large part because they are a safe and fun way to get an excellent workout. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to promote an interest in climbing for children […]

Couple playing a racing video game at an arcade in North Carolina

The Top 5 Etiquette Rules to Follow at an Arcade

The Arcade Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Follow Video game roots run deep in North Carolina. NC boasts worldwide development firms like Epic Games and Funcom (headquartered in Cary and Durham, respectively), many local “barcade” venues, as well as great gaming conventions. The fact is, video games and arcades in North Carolina are extremely popular. But […]

Silhouette of crowd having fun at concert venue

How to Improve Your Concert-Going Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Concert-Going Experience Are you planning to attend your first concert? Or perhaps you want to get the absolute best experience out of your next show? Maybe you’ve attended several concerts and haven’t quite figured out how to “do it right”. Whatever your reason, at Rocky Mount Event Center, we […]

Girl holding volleyball in front of net

Improve Your Volleyball Team’s Tournament Performance

Coaches Guide: How to Improve Your Volleyball Team’s Performance at Tournaments Anybody who has spent time coaching youth volleyball teams knows that there are some unique challenges that come with the position. Oftentimes, the most difficult lessons to teach are not drills and techniques, but rather mental and emotional strengths. Pressure is a funny thing. […]